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The Menace from Triton (Brain Games, 2020)

Konami's Nemesis is arguably one of the most popular game series on MSX. For Santiago Ontañón's The Menace from Triton (2020), that is also a key inspiration. The author has also stated that Steredenn (Pixelnest Studio, 2...


Cblogs of 9/11 to 9/17/2021: 37th Week of 2021

Cblogs Recap: Week 37 -Kerrik52 reviews Blasphemous as part of the long-running Traveller in Playtime review blogs series. -My Enormous Hairy Downstairs Kitchen shares his thoughts on the artfulness of Resident Evil Village. -Sam van ...


TGIF Open Thread!

Good morning Destructoid! It's that wonderful time of the week! It's Friday! I really need more gaming dancing gifs...Been recycling the ones I have for years now! This week went by pretty quickly. I think it's because work has been s...


What's Sonic's Next 'Ultimate' Remaster?

When Sonic Colors Ultimate was initially announced, many people wondered why Colors was chosen for a remaster. It turns out a multitude of factors including the original game's popularity, limited availability, and the success of the S...


Traveller In Playtime – Blasphemous

Blasphemous is a metroidvania game developed by The Game Kitchen and published by Team 17 for PC, Switch, PS4 and Xbox One in 2019, with ports for Linux and Mac being made in 2020. In the heavily religious land of Cvstodia, a mysteriou...


Cblogs of 9/4 to 9/10/2021: 36th Week of 2021

Cblogs Recap: Week 36 -Black Red Gaming continues ranking the Metal Gear series games with this blog about Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. -Kerrik52 reviews Salt & Sanctuary as part of his Traveler in Playtime review blogs. -...


My WarioWare - Get it Together Impressions!

WarioWare Get it Together! Released today, September 10th 2021 and I knew I was buying it no matter the MetaCritic score. I love games that try something different and although the first game in the series was released in 2003, WarioWa...


Ten After Ten: 8/30/21-9/09/21

News China Restricts Video Game Usage for Children Under 18 China is limiting video game playtime for kids under 18 to three hours per week as well as restricting online gaming to Fridays, weekends, and public holidays from 8 p.m. to...


TGIF Open Thread!

Good morning Destructoid! It's that wonderful time of the week! It's Friday! This week was an overall improvment from the last few. Work is busy busy and we're having trouble keeping up because we've had multiple people on our team ta...


MSXdev'21 -- ten of my favourites

MSXdev is a long-running game dev compo for the MSX computers. The deadline for entries of the 2021 edition was the end of August 2021, and a record number of entries took part. Coincidentally, the rewards were also higher than ever be...


Superliminal review

Labelling Superliminal in a few words is a challenge because it’s not entirely a puzzle game and not wholly a guided exploration game. Both elements flow between one another without much fanfare or notification, the only signifie...


The BRG Collection Entries #33-36

Welcome to a new set of entries into the BRG Collection. The rest of the games in my ongoing list can be found here or at the bottom of the blog. With that said, here are entries #33-36. Bioshock Release Year: 2007 / Developers: 2K B...


Traveller In Playtime – Salt & Sanctuary

Salt & Sanctuary is an action RPG with metroidvania elements developed and published by Ska Studios on PS4 and PC in 2016. Further ports for Vita, Switch and Xbox One were released in 2017, 2018 and 2019 respectively. The plot puts...


Cblogs of 8/28 to 9/3/2021: 35th Week of 2021

Cblogs Recap: Week 35 -Dango writes his thoughts for the third time on Hitman: World of Assassination. -Black Red Gaming explores 10 gaming news stories that were not extensively covered on Dtoid. -Black Red Gaming shares their top fi...


Abridged via wires

Games have the potential to bring us together and since, in the present time, distance is barely an issue providing you connect by managing time zones and internet speeds, they can do it well. There was a time where me and a friend si...


TGIF Open Thread!

Good morning Destructoid! It's that wonderful time of the week! It's Friday! I haven't been very active the last few weeks and I apologize for that. Going through familiy shit and what not. The uncle that has Covid is still in the hos...




Gaj, the style of this made me think of



Zoey Handley

I didnt even realize it was Batman day when I submitted a Batman I just really like Batman

Dangus Taargus

Sekiro Journal: Owl


Dont forget to sign up to join in the NEW Dtoid Draws! The theme is Best I want to see your favorite characters outside of villains and main You have 9 DAYS LEFT! Details in


Time to begin a new Deltarune chapter! The animation quality keeps improving from Undertale to to Makes me wonder if the original chapter will be retouched!


Batthink if you are reading this I implore you to accept my fantasy football trade because it would make my team win and at the end of the day thats what really matters xoxo Edit: I knew you’d see the


Seymour Sez: Dont be a try-angle, be a


Now that EA doesnt have the Star Wars license can we get a Star Wars game in this old engine?

Ricky Namara

Yeah cmon guys: cut the poor guy some slack! he says, as he quietly hid his stacks of Ralsei Rule 34


All hail NSFW in comments


Friend asked me if Ive ever dipped my balls into someones Told him in a Blue


A wistful #caturday


Current status #StripToid

Dr Mel

I put 10 hours into Eastward and I have some


Heya Dtoiders in and around Im going to visit my family in NJ for a couple weeks next Friday and was wondering if any of you would like to meet up one weekday afternoon for a coffee or Nintendo store Will bump this post a few times this


Just back from Had a blast 👌🏻

Ricky Namara



Here’s some chill Trentemøller to get you all settled into the






Just did something I never imagined doing: ordered weed God I love Colorado




Minimaps: rotate or non-rotate?


I love persona Persona 4 golden is my favourite slice of media in 5? Persona 5? I dislike after nearly 300 hours on two separate The writing is bad, all the characters are the same, every palace is the Fuck




It nearly sets my aging computer ablaze, but Days Gone is pretty decent so far! I dont see me messing with the Photo Mode too much here, Almost has too many options, Presentation is probably the worst Definitely a lesser


Have a great weekend all!

Lord Spencer

Weekly Update, here are the games I am currently I am going to review those within brackets once completed: - -Octopath Traveler(Switch) -Hollow Knight (Switch) -God of War (PS4) -Monster Hunter Rise (Switch)

Whispering Willow

Man, new FFXIV job changes look except




oh FFXIV Astrologian and Summoners new moves is really doing it for me!


Having fun at RiotFest this Got a cool new shirt, moshed around, and caught up with some old Hope yall are having an awesome weekend too xoxo jenni❤


Guys!! Anabel over at Dtoids Twitch is real cool??? I finally checked out the Twitch channel after my GREAT stream tonight Check out Dtoid over at Twitch!


Sam Adams pumpkin beer is pretty Magic Prerelease was good, but 70 people in a room is still too many for Watching streams and alcohol is


We in I dont even know


too broken plz nerf


I was torn between what to play this weekend: Axiom Verge 2, Deltarune 2 or Magic Arenas new Turns out my laptop solved this issue by having its HDD dying, it looks like


Nice to meet you, please take care of me!


So Midnight Hunt released in MTG: And this is stupidly Im gonna break the back of the card so hard with a decayed zombie This is absolutely ridiculous how powerful this can Already one of the best cards in the

Inquisitive Raven

Happy Deltarune 2 Day, everyone! Heres a reupload of a Napstablook I drew a while back to I think this was one of my first artworks shown here on Destructoid, too!


Bueno 32 Crowler of Adominations Forbidden Has lactose, vanilla, pumpkin and almost no pumpkin Its like and Hazy IPA What are you all up to this evening? (Best boi card for size Beuno


If soulbow doesnt have a birthday, is he even real?


Continuing my quest to paint every scale miniature ever, I got my hand on some classic 15mm If you can guess where theyre from you get 10 points :P still waiting for part 2 and 3 of my packages to arrive so I can deep dive into more 15mm


Whats in this slightly damaged package?


I mentioned FirstPress games They dont have many games yet, but this is what they all look All come with this nice slip cover, but modeled after each They also come with a This company is in the Game deets


Its Friday!