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So, I took a detour from my DOOM-a-thon to check out a little game called QUAKE that some of you recommended. An FPS from the minds behind DOOM in full 3D where you can actually look up? Given that DOOM 2 had pushed the game's auto-aim...


Review With a Moose | Bullwinkle Blitz

Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Detail My Esoteric Ratings System No, we’re not reviewing some game you’ve never heard of. Bullwinkle Blitz is just an on-brand subtitle for a rapid review rush. Maybe its being opaque...


Cblogs of 9/17 to 9/23/2022: 37th Week of 2022

Cblogs Recap: Week 37 -Nydius thinks that Splatoon 3 is in fact inferior to the second game at launch. -GoofierBrute is back with another Games That Time Forgot blog, this one featuring Touhou: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. -Kerrik52 f...


PS1 REVIEWS: Tales of Destiny

The Tales JRPG series is nowadays synonymous with comfort food; a satisfying meal that is neither complex nor memorable. Full to the brim with anime archetypes and genre cliches, it is honestly difficult to pick the different games apa...


TGIF Open Thread!

Good morning Destructoid! It's that wonderful time of the week! It's Friday! Happy it is as it has been a long week for me. Glad to be working again though! I'm no longer losing my mind with bordom. Just learning a lot of new systems ...


A City of Drowned Dreams

Rapture at its peak. (Image credit: 2K) Rapture. Rapture. Rapture.Every utterance of the word elicits a different emotion, evokes a different image, extracts a different memory. This features and facets of this wondrous city represent...


The End of Black Red Gaming

After almost six years of writing, I have decided to discontinue Black Red Gaming. Back in March, I announced that I was beginning to wind down but didn’t know how long it would be before I close up shop. Well, that time has come...


Splatoon 3: Less of the Same

Splatoon 1 and 2 were my most played games on the Wii U and Switch, respectively, so what I'm about to write legimiately hurts: Splatoon 3 is, in many respects, inferior to Splatoon 2. Other than the addition of cosmetics and quality o...


Cblogs of 9/10 to 9/16/2022: 36th Week of 2022

Cblogs Recap: Week 36 -Kerrik52 continues his in-depth retrospective of Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen with the 11th blog on the game. -PhilsPhindings discusses the similarities between the soundtrack of Mega Man 2 and Synth Pop music. -...


TGIF Open Thread!

Good morning Destructoid! It's that wonderful time of the week! It's Friday! Don't think I'm fully awake yet as I completely forgot it's Friday. Well, better late then never. As the 19th gets closer, I'm getting a bit more nervous to ...


Cblogs of 9/3 to 9/9/2022: 35th Week of 2022

Cblogs Recap: Week 35 -SlimeyBearXXL979990 discusses some cool indie games that are out this September. -NinjaSpeed shares their hopes for new current-gen exclusives. -Vadicta sings the praises of the classic DOOM 64. -Lord Spencer co...


Mega Man Lordspective: Mega Man 9

Producer: Keiji Inafune, Takuya Aizu, Hironobu Takeshita Director: Hayato Tsuru Release: 2008 Console: WiiWare, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade   After the release of Mega Man 8, the classic series underwent an extended h...


TGIF Open Thread!

Good morning Destructoid! It's that wonderful time of the week! It's Friday! Currently inhaling my coffee and oh is it so damn good. Having a good coffee maker at home makes a big difference. My week was a week. Not a lot happened as ...


DOOM 64!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It only took them 63 attempts, but somehow the fine folks at id finally figured out how to design levels! It's crazy walking into DOOM 64 and seeing densely packed, thoughtfully laid-out designs that make traversal a sinch and explorat...


My Hope for Current Gen Exclusives

Many studios in 2022 began announcing that their upcoming titles would release exclusively for the current generation of video game consoles. Naturally, I'm quite curious what trends we'll see for the exclusive games coming to the Play...




Hurricane Ian to people in Florida right Stay safe everybody!


Another tenner in Super Auto That makes a whopping two in 60 hours of Where do you want me coach?


I knew that Disney money could do it


Des Moines spanks Dublin in the burger Cant beat grass fed Iowa beef in a


Wolverine is back baby (aka the Deadpool 3


If you have gamepass, you should play Beacon A short, neat little A small town with mystery lurking beneath the Good

Virtua Kazama

Have you ever hit a plateau in fighting games? Lets talk about it on tonights session of Virtua Fighter Takeover!


Current Status:


It feels nice to get back in touch with my therapist and talk to her again, because man life has gotten

Virtua Kazama

20 years later and I still hate the Test of Strength LightFoot trial in Star Fox


Ive been enjoying Dad of Boy more than I thought I would, despite knowing the major plot I was not ready for combat to require as much care as it does, but Im Seems to be a pretty good game though, no wonder everyone raved about it!


Thankfully mostly safe from Ians path but still close enough to have work/classes cancelled for Still, hope everyone in the actual main path stays safe


Anyway, the point I was trying to make with my last QPost was that Pokemon Cafe was


Seifeeeeerrr, y’know

CaimDark Reloaded

After a couple of Dark Pictures games, back in more traditional gaming territory with Ghost of Tsushima, which certainly starts with a Hopefully it can keep it up!

Soulbow eh

Seems like weve been sold Cya, enthusiast

Sam van der Meer

Doing my intern work, going through archives, found some uh neat signed stuff


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The Mars In The Mirror

This is Mazan by A light sword (sword replacing gun) A unique take on the I got a chance to play this at a family fun center years ago! I remember enjoying it a lot! Whatre your favorite light gun games? HOTD 1&2 for me!


An alternate, gender-bent DC universe where the Penguin is an arms-dealing

Sweaty Dungus

It’s By God it’s Well I’m bored What else can I buy to help numb the pain? Comment down below with your best coping mechanisms and don’t forget to subscribe and click that notification bell so you never miss a #dunglepost !!


Had a random thought in the If these type of animated training films were still being made today there is a non-zero chance of a Vtuber learning how to operate various weapon


This seems like a super nice indie game bundle for only Darkwood is excellent and well worth the Unexplored 2 looks really neat, call of Juraez seems like arcadey fun and deliver us to the moons is supposed to be neat looks pre


This seems to be aping Animal Crossing more explicitly than other life sims Ive Looks really good, but a cursory glance of the Steam reviews point to bugs being I might take the plunge soon

CaimDark Reloaded

Little Hope was an improvement over Man of Medan most of the game, but wow, they managed to make an ending that soured the whole What a stupid


Since we do periodically get hidden gems revived from time to time these days, I second Also Cubivore, Chibi Robo, a Viewtiful Joe Collection, Shadow Hearts Collection, Max Payne Trilogy, Shinobi/Nightshade, the Gamecube Pokémon


All game devs make concept/ reference art on sticky notes anyone who tells you otherwise is a dirty rotten


Running a Scholastic Book fair the week before Gonna call it the Scholastic BOO-K


Are you feeling sad, depressed, frustrated with the the world and yourself? Do you need a musical hug? Then listen to this new Devin Townsend song! So soothing, emotional, warm, and Such a relaxing and mesmerizing video too!


So I got a friend of mine this Pokemon waffle maker as a joke, but it turned out way better than any of us He used it to make powdered #Breadtoid

Whispering Willow

Galaxys worst DMs put on


My thoughts on QUAKE are up! Was it as EARTH-SHATTERING as expected??? Well, you can check out the blogs for my cluttered and dull opinion on the seminal shooter classic!


Do you think the universe is built around a yin-yang of explosion/implosion? Like, the life of the universe is cyclical, framed around the expansion from a Big Bang event that eventually reconsolidates matter to a single point before Big Banging again?


Cunk asking deep

Mike Sounders

Finished the Splatoon 3 campaign last night and played a bit of the splatfest over the That was fun, probably confused a bunch of people due to being Big Zam but on team gear so I could play with Frosty ;-;


Prodeus looks so good, not sure if I can keep myself away from that




Technically this is a bread post not a vacation post from the oldest lib in Dublin

Whispering Willow

Interesting marketing for


New Vegas is still based


They heard about Splatoon 3 and wanted


I dont know if I am being dumb but this new weapon even just visualy looks the exact same as the weapon already in Splatoon 3 no?


Im very tempted to grab this It looks a lot like Blasphemous and I loved that

Chris Moyse

Britain doing wicked


Current status


Current Status:

Inquisitive Raven

*Aggressively swoons*


Have a great day!