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Before everything went to shit with this flood business i was on a tear in August: AC Liberation (Plat), AC 1(980 GS never going back), Alan Wake+DLC (1500 GS),& AC Revelations. AC III was next but life found a way. Where can i list my back catalouge?


Hola Dtoiders. Zhadoba here. From Houston. Besides saving my family and game systems we lost everything including car, beds etc. So before you ask yes I can use any positive support or hell a fuck off good too. Mods:would it be ok to post a gofundme here


Trunks delivers a sneak attack. It's super effective! I'm loving this new series, especially the manga.


Miyamoto just blew up E3. Just made my day!


Loved Bethesda's showing. That to me is why i watch E3. Microsoft showed me a lot of games i dont really want, but I love the new hardware. Carry on


Update: We got an official teaser ladies and gents!


I'd like to wish all my fellow Aquarii a happy day of their birth. I, like Morpho, am not terribly fond of this practice, but I couldn't remain silent since so many excellent 'toiders share my sign. Also much love to yoy Capri and Aeries too!


Rando: Superbowl is in our town! Me: meh. What a new Switch commercial will air during the game!? HYPEeeeeeeE! Yeah I know its online but im not five, I can wait ^_^


RIP our War Doctor :'(


Aw crap. Missed the preorder window for Breath of the wild special ed. Someone know if you can buy it in-store?


Good news for responsible parents, stalkers and control freaks ^_^ This is a cool implementation of ye olde parental settings, shows Nintendo is inovating and keeping up with the times.


Success! Thank you to everyone who wished me luck! Also late #selfietoid ;)


Last chance to score a Classic. Best buy, 3:39 am #13th in line. Here goes nothing!


Triple fail today :( Got to GS early only to find 11 peeps waiting. They only had eight. Then the wife and I tried amazon on two different computers n accounts... nope. Thank goodness for #catgirl Friday, I need a pick-me-up!


Rewatching Berserk 2016 on mute, while waiting for Hillaries concession speach on my Kindle. Really curious to hear what she has to say while Guts is killing and maiming. All im missing is a cocktail


Ok so life goes on. I'm not a fan of either candidates so I'm ecstatic that this election season is over. Also popcorn.gif facebook is going to light up as people wake up to a new America and I'm ready to laugh!


Love it or hate it Super has officially landed in the U.S. via Crunchyroll. Feeling so much nostalgia watching this, who cares about power creepb and ridiculous villains it's new (for us) Dragon Ball!


Guess who ;)


Doom 1/Doom 2 Soundtrack Retrospective By Black & White Knight. Just found these guys today, amazing talent. Link to spotify playlist in comments!


I'm ancient. The N64 turns twenty today. Now get off my lawn!


Anyone download the new 4.80 for the PS3? I can't find anything on what it does, yet cant watch Netflix till I update :/


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