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Just finished two weeks of constant work and applied for a PhD grant, took me five fucking months. Finally, I can play videogames! Playing Symphony of the Night with my 8bitdo controller on my cellphone is incredible! One of my favourite games!


Maniac is a great show! Jonah Hill's best work. And the show is out there. It's crazy-making but in a good way. Highly recommended.


Dark Souls is Better Than Porn

The best time I had playing videogames this summer was when I played through Dark Souls for a second time. My PS3 had been sitting in a box for a year in London, Ontario while my girlfriend and I were out in Victoria, B.C. for my first...


Okay, I got back into Dragon Quest 11. Something about those free items, you get with the day one edition, just makes the game unfun and way too easy, but things are picking up now. I want to like this game, and I will, if I have to castrate myself.


Why I Hate God of War

I’ve been playing Strafe lately and I have to say, it’s fun. I rarely have fun when I play video games, even though I play quite a bit of them. Strafe is like being inside the mind of a 90s FPS developer’s mind, if he...


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