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No more xbox? gulp...

For reasons that I'd rather not discuss, I've been cut off from the good old gamin machine. (It has something to do with being... you know... productive? psshhhh) This leaves me with my PC... I take that back. My Laptop. I take that back,...


Gaming can be cheap... Right?

While searching throughout my desk the other day I stumbled upon a $20 gamestop giftcard in one of my drawers that I had forgotten from my birthday. My Immediate reaction was AAAHHH YEAAHHH!!!! New vidja games ftw. I then took a moment and ...


MW3? zzz...

From what I can tell, the gaming community on Youtube is at a standstill. All any commentators are talking about is Modern Warfare 3. What weapons, what perks, what killstreaks, what maps, etc. And I hear all of this, as I play another dull...


Gaming Laptops

I will very soon be at the time in my life where me and my trusty old xbox 360 will have to part ways. We've had a good run, lots of laughs and memories, but I will be going to college in the fall, and will more than likely need to leave th...


About the2ndtolastspartanone of us since 3:42 AM on 04.26.2011

I am, simply put, a nerd.
Right now as I type this, I'm watching Dr. Who and reading Portal strategy guides
I love games old and new, with some of my favorites being Halo Reach, Call of duty 4, Mario Kart: Double Dash, and Super Smash bros brawl. I have a Wii, Gamecube, Xbox 360, but I'm a PC gamer at heart, with games like Portal, Portal 2 in the near future, Minecraft, Various Emulators (I lost my gameboy D:) and Counter-strike 1.6. Other games I'm playing right now are Assassins Creed 2, Red Dead Redemption, Call of Duty Black Ops, and TF2. I got into gaming through my gamecube (I was unfortunately just shy of the n64 era) but I've always wanted a PS2. I have a pretty sweet gaming setup, except for my crappy TV. I have a ton of games I never got around to finishing, but when I found a good one, I played it until i knew it like the back of my hand.
Xbox LIVE:thesixthV1
Steam ID:epic_fail66


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