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Just learned that there was a Princess Bride "remake" during Covid and I love it. Patton Oswalt as Vincinni, Shaq as Fezzik. Very fun


All I'm saying is that it would be hilarious in 30 years to learn that this whole thing really was an FBI plant on the former president. Easiest covert op to ever pull off.


Really enjoying the exact halfway point of dark souls and fedex.


"T.M.I (Totally Meatless Ingredients): “chicken fried” oyster mushrooms, spicy gochujang glaze, jalapeño and kimchi relish, sesame vegan mayo, black vinegar vinaigrette cabbage slaw; all on a vegan bun" Not a mushroom guy, but this sounds pretty leg


And that's DMC5 taken down. Moving right on through the backlog.


"Discouraged ragdolls from breakdancing" remains one of my favorite patch notes


Thats Sniper Ghost Warrior Contacts 2 in the books (minus a DLC mission). Dont sleep on that series! Its pretty fun, and the sequel does a lot to improve existing mechanics


The first hour of Death Stranding is really captivating


2 dollar wells at the dog park! But it's only during happy hour which they choose to celebrate after 7. Bless the inebriated souls of DSM


Tetris Effect makes me want to be hugged. I wouldn't have thought, but the game is probably in my top 10 games of the last 10 years.


Playing as Dante in DMC5 for the first time felt really good. Nero I think I have down, V I do random bullshit and get SSS, but Dante feels very high skill cap high reward.


"ZOMBIE AHOGADA: crispy carnitas, jack cheese, guacamole, pickled jalapeño, lime crema; in a tomato-chile broth and topped with crispy pickled red onion" Sure to piss of traditionalists, but man, I'm down.


Beat Gal Guardians. Fun lil romp. Not great, but a lot of fun homages and gameplay.


Zombie Pride. Despite our governor, Des Moines always feels accepting and progressive to me and I'm happy to call it home.


I am more snot than man today


Had an awesome session of the Dark Souls reskin of D&D. Last minute planning, but I cranked the tension up and really did my best to do set dressing and even some improv on the landscape. It went great! One of my favorite DM sessions


"CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE '23: American cheese, split Certified Angus Beef Hot Dog, BBQ pork baked beans, macaroni salad, housemade salt and vinegar chips, ketchup and mustard" Welcome back


The comments on here made my night better


I specifically requested extra pepperoni. I guess this is like...some.


wow, not Splatoon looking real mediocre


Put up a blog on Triangle Strategy after beating it. Spoilers: great gameplay, bad world/writing.


Triangle Strategy Postmortem

I finally got around to finishing Triangle Strategy after gaining a great foothold in it from my charity stream a few weeks ago.  I want to say that first, I enjoyed this game for the gameplay.  The tactical battles were a lo...


Day 39 of learning Japanese. Learned that if you are talking about how many things there are, you have to learn one of 11 words that all mean "X many" but change if its big things / small things / food / people / electronics. This is going to be hard.


Made it to the final branch in Triangle Strategy. The gameplay is good, but if you aren't expecting the story, its A LOT.


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