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Tonight is for the drinking and relaxing.


"BENGALS LURKING IN KANSAS CITY: smoked burnt ends, beef patty, Cincinnati “2-way” chili, crispy jalapeño caps, Kansas City BBQ sauce + Texas toast" Its a bukake of flavor!


Whoever put honest to god sudoku in Mass Effect Andromeda should be fired.


Watching my likes on OKCupid go down. Sounds about right. Also wrote a blog on Cyberpunk that you can read with your eyes if you want.


Lets talk about Cyberpunk 2077

Let’s talk about Cyberpunk.  Some background from me on it is that I totally didn’t follow it as closely as many others, and I kind of wasn’t on board with CDPR from the start.  I didn’t really care fo...


Playing Mass Effect Andromeda and I looked up a romance guide. The one character I would have any interest of romancing isn't available to me. Even in the virtual world, my type is still 'lesbian'.


That Vampire Survivor game sure is interesting. Curious to see where early access takes it.


Game 7 of 2022: Cyberpunk 2077. This might be the surprise hit of the year for me. I actively was doing sidequests just so I wouldn't have to beat the game. Very much enjoyed it, but I can understand a lot of that is personal preference.


Found a board game I really want to play based off of the VK test from Bladerunner. Looking forward to D&D sesh 0 sunday. Think Ill finish cyberpunk tomorrow. But for tonight, just getting really, really drunk.


"BUFFALO BILL INVADES KC: Cheddar cheese, buffalo chicken dip croquette, bleu cheese dressing, buffalo sauce, smoked beef brisket, Boulevard beer battered onion rings and KC BBQ sauce. " Hit me with that croquette, y'all.


I like Dragon's Blood well enough, but just everything about it is wrong, mostly the voices. No one (except maybe Luna) doesn't sound like their character. And DK's dragon form looks stupid as hell.


I dont want to finish Cyberpunk 2077 because if I do it means I have to stop playing it.


What's the oldest DToid memes you remember?


Man, the vagina cutscene in Cyberpunk is just a little bit much


Couldn't fall asleep last night so I stayed up as late as I could stand and then basically took a nap with the dog. today is going to be a long day.


I think I'm converted: Cyberpunk 2077 is pretty fun. On PC for me, there are numerous bugs, none of them gamebreaking, but the overall experience is...nice.


Game 6 completed in 2022: Xenoblade Chronicles - Nope, nope nope nope. Way overstayed its welcome to the point where I turned the difficulty down just so I could finish it. Overly simple quests, and some really questionable design choices.


So Jen Psaki is like supes attractive, right? Not just me?


"BY THE BEARD OF ZEUS: sliced gyro meat, feta cheese, fried chickpeas, tomato, pickled red onion, hummus + tzatziki sauce on pita buns." This is one I would probably get regularly if it was on the main menu. Sounds great.


One of the cooler things I got for the holidays - my late grandfather's Mason ring.


I have a large gripe with Cyberpunk's plot so far. Details in comments, spoiler-ish?


Coke Zero hits different


Finished Act 1 of Cyberpunk today. Trees everywhere, one hard crash to desktop, and a weird pose change glitch, but other than that, 5 hours played fairly stable.


Game 5 of 2022 is Donut County. Super charming, very entertaining, but also short and hollow. Love it, glad I got it on sale.


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