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Why video games will be banned forever.

When you're sitting in your bean bag, playing some Viva Pinata after a rousing session of bible reading (Over 100 pages in one sitting! Your priest has GOTTA hear this!) you may stop and ask yourself, "Why do so many people want video game...


Resistance 2: A Tale of Woe

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that 2008 only had 2 FPS's that managed to deliver, Crysis Warhead (which was basically an expansion) and Far Cry 2. Neither of which are some big console exclusive aimed at taking down the other's ju...


Harvard thinks violent games are a-ok.

First off, big ups to Dtoid for having a great blog system to help us newbies get a little recognized, that's pretty ballin'. Secondly, ARTICLE TIME: Pretty interesting read where 2 Harvard dudes in lab coats studied about 1000 middle sch...


I have arrived.

I used to be huge on blogs, but then I realized I was just bitching the whole time. Now I spend all of my opinions on internet forums and have no energy to make proper blogs any longer. Hopefully all of my Dtoid lurking will help me out o...


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