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This should not work, but like Witcher 3 and DOOM, when devs put in the effort, not only can it work, but work incredibly well. It's been on sale for $30 and I had some Amazon credit, so I gave it a try. It's an amazing port! Super impressed with it!


I'm starting to think NFT is an onomatopoeia for how people feel about NFT's.


What's in the box... wait, I think I did that wrong? I don't normally go for collectors edition's, but Huntdown is rad! The white around the side is done on purpose apparently, but it makes it look damaged slightly. Just poor design, I guess.


Brand new Cotton! Not a remake, or rerelease, and the dev team is made up of some ex Treasure. When the western release comes out at the end of March, it will be titled Cotton Fantasy, for some reason. This is already in English, and Rock n Roll is cooler


Ah yes, just as the ancient Egyptians envisioned it, but in Memphis Tennessee... and it's a Bass Pro shop!? I am just seeing this for the first time, and it was built in 1991!? It was built as an arena, but now it's a camping store, I guess?


And I thought the bath water thing was weird.


Thanks Japan! Horizontal Cave shmup goodness.


I gave my Xbox one X to my now passed buddy about a year ago, as his crapped out. I also gave him a second controller that came with my one S. Anyway, I was planning on giving that away, but I didn't have an extra controller, so when I saw the $40 sale...


So apparently there isn't going to be any police chases in the new open world Sonic game, OR Elden Ring!? I can't believe it, that's just ridiculous. Fool me once, shame on--shame on you. Fool me... can't get fooled again.


Prey is free on the Epic Games Store for the rest of the day, and I think Control will be the free game tomorrow. It's free, so you might as well grab it. Like PS+ and Xbox Gold stuff. Even if I don't think I'll be into the game, I at least add it.


GameStop has a sale now that takes up to 50% off used games $19.99 and under. Been thinking a lot about the Last Guardian, which I have digitally, but off the disc, without the update, it's playable at 60fps on PS5. At these prices, I've got to try it!!


Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a fantastic holiday, whatever you celebrate, and however you decide to celebrate it! Play some games, eat some food, spend time together with family, and relax. I'm pausing my diet for now, and getting fat!!!


Crusin Blast is $20 on the eShop. If you want a silly, old-school style arcade racer, this is about as good as they come. It's bonkers, over the top, nonsensical vehicles and tracks, and I'd highly recommend it anyone. Great with friends or with your kids


If anyone needs another Xbox controller, this one (electric volt is the color name) is $39.99 at Amazon with a coupon, which is added automatically. The red with white back, as well as, the blue with white back, are $49.99.


Deathloop is $23 at Amazon right now, and NeiR Replicant is $25 at GameStop, if anyone is interested. Deathloop isn't my thing and I've already done literally everything in NeiR Replicant, but you might not have them? Great prices!


There's a new Astro City mini coming out this summer, and it's full of shmups!! The screen is setup in TATE mode too! I'll show the game list below, if anyone is interested.


Most recent pickups from holiday sales. A few more on the way. My internet time should be limited...


I guess I was going more for quantity this year.


Oh no, Netflix is making a live action MegaMan movie!


We all knew it would happen, but early next year, PS5 is getting "console covers". Also, new controllers of the same colors.


Am I the only one getting Sunset Overdrive vibes--in the best way possible--from the Suicide Squad trailer? Not as over the top, but it looks fun!!


Hey, 13 Sentinels is $19.99 at Best buy and GameStop. You should probably get it. You're welcome.


Late to the game, but better late than never. Funny, I put more time into NMS on the PS4 than I did on Xbox, but using what I learned there helped me. I've got like 350 billon space bucks in this version. It's literally the game I dreamed about as a kid.


FedEx tried to steal my stuff, but I got it back!! Had to threaten legal action. The dude forged my name and said it was delivered last Wednesday. Oh well, it's taken care of. I'm fully next gen now. Yeah, I know, I need to do some cable management.


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