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Made one of those cohost thangs.. There is a sort of Master List that Deadgar made a ways down if you are looking for peeps to add. Saves a lot time. Hope they bump that shit up soon! https://cohost.org/sp-testure


Happy Birthday to the BIG P!!


Fallout 4 MOFAM is...finished. By far the most comprehensive and challenging mod build I've ever done. But I have learned so so much and the build...Dear gods, it is incredible so far. And I've only scratched the surface..


Modding Fallout 4 with MOFAM progresses! Definitely one of the more challenging mod builds I've done. I think the results will be worth it. Has a female theme with icons, pip girl and even a different intro.


Been reading a very entertaining Let's Play of Advanced Wars. His first time playing the series. The originals, not the remake stuffs. Looking forward to reading the rest. Also I'm back into playing a bit of Dual Strike...heh


Been having a Imperium Galactica 2 craving of late. Damn, these optimal requirements are going to push my system to the limit!


Thinking about fooling around in Fallout 4 again. Has anyone used this mod guide before? Might as well go all out now that I am part of the PC master race :P


The embedded ads on the front page were tolerable cuz my ad blocker could stop them. Now they got one of those 'please disable your ad blocker' deals. I lasted 30 seconds, if I get locked out of the front page after refusing a few more times, oh well...


Just a polite reminder that this is still a thing... Looks so good...


I have already put 40 hours in....so damn fun. If you can't get it now, at least wish list it.


Today I learned that Final Fantasy Legends 2 & 3 (called Saga in Japan) both have DS remasters. Also English fan patches for both. Oh boy...


Another classic for the collection. This particular guide has been long overdue. Poster still included!


So I have put about 6 hours into Everspace 2, and I have to say this is one of my favorite space\RPG\shooter\looter\games I've ever played. This is the spiritual sequel to Freelancer I've always wanted. It's that good. There is a demo on Steam, try it!


Everspace 2 leaves early access today, for you space luving nerds. Looking so good..


I was today years old when I discovered the 'Digital vibrance' setting on my Nvidia control panel. Bumping it up by 25% really makes the colors more lively. Looks a lot closer to what my TV does now. I always wondered why my monitor looked a bit dull..


Did the traditional update and overhaul of TTW today. Decided to swap from SILO to Atmospheric Lighting Tweaks. Threw in some shader options via Reshade and holy crab apples. It is a massive improvement. Link in comments for those interested.


Neighbors building a computer and needed a video card for some testing till the one he ordered showed up. Pulled out my old workhorse for my XP machine. Classic...


Project mod the bejesus out of Oblivion is complete! With 477 active mods and 167 plugins. The most in-depth modding project I have ever done. It looks freaking fantastic, stability and testing tonight. I've missed Oblivion's music so much..


I would really really like to change my Avatar please. It's been stuck like this since Christmas. :( Still getting that fail to process image error..


I consider myself an old hand at modding games. Fallout,RimWorld,Skyrim etc. Decided to mod up Oblivion to take advantage of my new beefy PC. I had no idea...The amount of mods for this game is absolutely insane. Found a good and current guide though.


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