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Retro-Rant.com is now live!

That's right everyone the website retro-rant.com is now live and has all our videos embedded from youtube. Within the next few weeks Ericd will be tinkering around with it (and probably breaking it). For those of you who haven't seen Retro ...


About retrorantone of us since 6:55 PM on 05.10.2011

Ericd is the Writer, Editor, Creator and narrator of Retro Rant. The twenty year old nerd-raging gamer is a college student at CCRI and has been aspiring to work in the film industry for the past four years ever since he created his First Film . A true nihilist who only sees the world of gaming half empty�and the other half full of E.T 2600 cartridges.

Scottg is the Illustrator and Guest Ranter of Retro Rant. Also a twenty year old gamer who attends USC. Scott has a knack for flash animation and has been studying game design for a number of years. He�s also been known to play lead in the majority of Ericd�s independent, zero budget films. A partner in crime and one of the major inspirations behind