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Memes have existed since the dawn of humanity. Look at this medieval painting. There's lots of them. And then there's the german who only painted priests drinking alcohol, though that one is from the 20th century.


It's almost been a year since the Mario 64 Quantum Physics class. Jesus time does fly.


I just watched a spanish streamer do a stream of Afterbirth+, got an early access key from Tyrone Rodriguez and all. And in just 1 hour he found a way to exploit the new character. It baffles me how they miss that.


Okay, I don't know if someone said this before or not, but, I'll leave it here. If you still have the NieR Automata demo just do as the image says.


#Confessiontoid I've grown fond of PewDiePie this last year, I hurt my sides when he deleted his channel and everyone was spewing poison at him, including here.


This is really cool, JoJo's Glory Days OP sung by all JoJo's OP singers.


Happy 2017 everyone. If you use a confeti cannon make sure you don't point it at other living beings. Except zombies, always aim them at zombies.


After having an emotional breakdown today I finally got to think about what's going to happen to us. I might be able to strike a job as a bartender, but I know it won't last forever. We need to go back with my aunt and save up to buy a house.


I present to you your next favourite character:


Warning: The following track is not recommended to use while in: a car, an ambulance, a bus, a truck, a tank, a boat, a plane, or anything that requires the driver or pilot calm and concentrated. Please drive/pilot responsibly ya silly gooses.


Honestly I don't know what you guys doing caring about what people say about Dtoid. We like this place and each other, end of story. Other communities are cesspools where nobody likes nobody, this is the only laid back place I've seen. And I love that.


The workshop caught on fire, nothing really valuable was lost and only the electricity system needs to be checked. But we don't know when we can go back or if we will be able to use it again. We don't know what to do. Merry fucking Christmas everyone.


Guys, they are planning to release VA-11 Hall-A Prologue Redux, it's going to add new content to the base game, which will be free to the owners and they are going to make a Vita port too.


God damnit, I swear Google+ is the most annoying piece of crap I had to use, I've spent a whole day trying to change my profile pic and it still hasnt changed yet, what the fuck. Worse is every single page has a diferent pic, I don't understand why.


I have this weird distate for Snicker bars, after I eat them they always leave me a sunflower seeds aftertaste, really strange. Is it just me or this happens to more people.


If there ever is a FFX-3 I would love it if it is a prequel to X with Braska, Auron and Jecht.


Can we all just appreciate the artists who do the drawings for WikiHow for a moment?


I just saw a video of a tarantula shedding it's body. I didn't even knew they could do that. Now I can't unsee it. Help.


Hey, did you guys knew some company out there is making figurines from historical sculptures and paintings? Here's the David.


Gotta love how some people argue over Overwatch's characters races and whatnot while the people who bought the game play it. Like, how fucking bored you have to be to write a thesis why x character is not white because it as a slightly darker skin tone.


Fucking hell, 2017 is not going to be merciful with our wallets.


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