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Giving: The gift that kept on doing so.

I've touched upon this tale before to varying extents, but here's the full rundown on the Christmas that got me into gaming, and/or how my parents ruined me for life. As far back as I can remember, I was regularly exposed to games to var...

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This is what MAGFest is all about

[Editor's note: Community member Nekobun interviewed MAGFest's Nick Marinelli to get the lowdown on what MAGFest is all about. -- Hamza CTZ Aziz] MAGFest X looms nigh on the horizon, and with only less than a month left, I made the discov...


MAGfest: The (don't be an) idiot's guide.

I may've only been to one MAGfest out of what's soon to be ten, but there's a lot of convention (and common) sense that can be applied to the Music And Games Festival. Most of this advice is geared towards first-timers, but perhaps even s...


Old Installations, new sensations.

Now that I've had a few weeks to fully digest 343 Industries' revisitation of gamers' original assault on the Covenant, I figure it's high time I shared my impressions of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. There are some potential, albeit ...


Xenophilia: Pop pop, shoo wop.

Despite having been around since 1997, Konami's "Bemani" series of rhythm games has only made limited penetration in markets outside Japan. Sure, everyone knows about Dance Dance Revolution to varying extents, Beatmania IIDX saw a North Ame...


Tales from Skyrim: Fallin' down Browntown

Prior to Skyrim, my exposure to Bethesda games had been fairly minimal. The time investment needed to plunge deep into any of the prior Elder Scrolls games, or Fallout 3 or New Vegas, is something that'd eluded me up until a few weeks ago...


Thanksgiving: Texture-mapping the peace pipe.

Rather than trying to crank out one in a crowd of great posts for this week's theme about actually being thankful for something, I thought I'd play with some of the imagery at the core of the holiday. I had this fantastic idea to discuss vi...


Zelda Week: I guess this is growing up.

The Legend Of Zelda series, despite its legacy and considerable fanbase, seems to have developed two primary camps of decriers as the years have rolled on and the series has continued. There are those out there who would have you believe th...


Acquisition: A black Kangaskhan day.

My tale of acquisition is less about getting my hands on a game as it is obtaining an in-game element, but it was a quest enough in and of itself. It was November of 1998, and I was far more into Pokļæ½mon than was likely healthy for a 16 ...


Space Marine, now in Extreme Nachos flavor

Warhammer 40K: Space Marine's free Exterminatus mode hit two weeks ago, but given that I have the game on 360 and there were some issues, I had to wait an extra week to roll around in it myself. That being said, it was totally worth the w...

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MMO Stories: Thank heaven for little girls.

It's been a long, long time since I played World Of Warcraft. After two brief bouts of getting a character or two to levels in the mid-thirties, I manage to break my addiction. Even membership (and friendship with some of the higher-ups) in...

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Online Passes: A spoonful of sugar

[Last week, you were asked to blog your thoughts about online passes in games. Today's promoted blog on that topic comes from nekobun, who acknowledges that used games can cause a problem for developers and publishers, and suggests a number...


There Would've Been Brawl: It's Not Easy Being Green

Turns out my estimates were correct, and Matthew Mercer, the man who was king of the Gerudo (and Kirby, and Meta Knight, for that matter) in There Will Be Brawl, was busy as all get-out over the past few weeks. But in the end, answers comet...


Stop building a navy. (shortblog)

While it seems to normally be a faux pas to link external article posts rather than writing here, I figured it'd be okay to mention I recently got posted at Ashly Burch's How Games Saved My Life, since she's old-(or mid-?)guard Destructoid,...


Integration: A Place For Everything

The evolution of gaming consoles from chunky plastic boxes that often involved focused breathing-into in order to get them to function to curvy plastic boxes, twice the size of their predecessors, that occasionally need to be wrapped in tow...


There Would've Been Brawl: Let's Keep It Clean

Today's entry got to me just in the nick of time. Saving me by the bell is Reilly Campbell, who portrayed Punch Out!'s Little Mac, garnering a bit more screen time than might've been expected from a support trophy. Can't say it was disappoi...


There Would've Been Brawl: You're My Boy, Blue

Today's There Will Be Brawl interview comes from Gavin Niebel, the heartthrob and proud owner of a Cylon Resurrection Tub (no, really, he won it at auction after Battlestar Galactica finished) who played the Mushroom Kingdom police officer,...


Villains: Fun With Pork

Nintendo, for the longest time, has not only been adept at creating memorable heroes such as Mario, Link, and Samus Aran, but has had similar skill in crafting villains with staying power. The indominitable Bowser Koopa, the inept but ins...


NanDEMOnai: Once Upon A Monster (360/Kinect)

NanDEMOnai is a semi-regular attempt to profile demos for forthcoming games as unbiasedly as possible, based on their own merits and without any consideration of hype, publisher legacy, place within a franchise, or basis on any existing p...


Obscurity: Fly To Live, Live To Fly

Back in the mid-90s, video game arcades were still a thing that existed in pretty much every mall in America. Fighters actually had quarter lines, plastic guns abounded, and games with seats in front of the cabinet covered more arenas than ...


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Hi, I'm Chris, though I've been going by nekobun and variants thereof for so long, I kind of answer to both anymore.

While I've kind of got my own thing going in the realm of indie coverage, at least in the form of playing through (and streaming) (and writing about) the huge backlog I'm developing of games gleaned from various indie bundles, I try to keep my more mainstream, game-related features here, as well as opinion pieces on the industry at large, out of mad love for the 'toid. When I'm not rambling here or trying to be clever in comments threads, you can catch me rambling on Facebook and my Twitter, and trying to be clever in the Dtoid.tv chat.

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Something About Sex: Unsafe at any speed.
Doing DLC right
Congress passes sweeping Elfcare reform bill
Bottom five healthcare systems in videogames.
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