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Hotline Miami is so much easier on Switch than it was on a keyboard, aiming is a lot easier.


Fine, Frostpunk, you want me to go full despot? I'll go full despot. UPDATE: Well that was a disaster.


This is why I shouldn't play Frostpunk, it's already the middle of the afternoon.


I wasted half my day off playing Cultist Simulator until I inevitably hit the progession wall. I don't know why I bother.


Time to see how Forza Horizon 5 is.


Is Inscryption really hard or do I just really suck at it?


I regret looking up what a magnapinna squid is.


MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries was on sale on Humble. I can finally play it! >46.28 GB Or not.


I wish someone had reminded me not to kill Sander Cohen in Fort Frolic.


BioShock just doesn't hit the same way when you know all the plot twists.


I saw an ad on my Xbox for Battlefield 2042 that looked like an ad for Just Cause 4, and I want to know when mediocre game makers decided wingsuits and tornados were impressive.


I think, more than anything else, hearing music news makes me feel old.


Snow day!


There's something in the air that's making people crazy. Not just the normal crazy we're all accustomed to, extra crazy. I could sense it, my dads could sense it, they think it's Covid related but I think it's something else.


Happy New Year, Destructoid!


My new year's resolution is to finally get into investing and escape the rat race.


Only a few years left of 2021 and we're celebrating in the most appropriate way: by watching Octopussy.


They're really coming down to the wire with building Sealab in time.


I'm happy to report Condemned: Criminal Origins still holds up.


Sunset Overdrive's tryhard stupidity is growing on me, though that's in large part because I'm a sucker for extensive character customization.


I'm rapidly losing interest in popular vtubers because I like to watch people play games that are not Minecraft, GTA V, Mario Kart, Pokémon, and arena shooters.


Why did I buy Equilinox?


Alright cats and kittens, we're going to bring the mood down to wrap up this Christmas.


To think dad believed I got enough money for Christmas to cover everything in my wishlists. Well I showed him!


Merry Jesus birthday bash, you naughty people you.


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