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Forza Horizon 3 Ultimate Edition on PC! ( and Xbone a bit too ) man there's a huge load of bugs on PC :-(


sooo... after having my Rift for about a week, today I received my Vive... FUCK THAT POS RIFT... these 3 hours with the Vive were already a million times better than anything on rift and I was just doing glorified techdemo's...




360° views of the EuroNARP!

Hi guys, just wanted to share some 360° pics we took at the last EuroNARP! W're now at our new location and as you can see, it's even more EPIC than our old one!, I'm hoping the embeds work, if not, just use the links please :-) Ne...


360° EuroNARP Main Location: https://theta360.com/s/lTLauK5LJu0aY7vYtZgzjhNXU ( Retro Location and people in replies :-) )


So... who wants to come to Belgium for a NARP? It's really safe here... No really... and we have great beer and fries and waffles and chocolate! Please come! It's not like Iraq/Iran here! We're nice people!


https://twitter.com/Lord%20/status/708956070409072641-> Special Day for Niero today!


There's a blog coming soon, but here are already some pics of the current state of my gameroom: https://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/3ifu64/tehlair3%20/


Just "completed" my first championship in Dirt Rally by getting 3rd place in the M3 without any assists and manual shifting... Feels like one of my biggest gaming-acomplishments so far :-D


The Walhalla Of Racing!

When I was about 7 years old, my family gave me a Sega Master System, one of the first games I got for it was "Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II"... This couldn't be anything but AWESOME...http://img2.game-oldies.com/sites/default/file...


Building a new EuroNARP location: Teh Lair^3 (part 4)

Sooo... It's been about a year since my last update about the building of the ultimate location for hosting EuroNARPs... So the time is right for a small update I think :-) For those of you that missed the previous bits, here are the p...


Building a new EuroNARP location: Teh Lair^3 (part 3)

It's been a long time again, the build of the new TehLair has stalled for a few months as well due to Real Life getting in the way a bit, but I'm finally able to give you guys another update on the transformation of my basement to the ultim...


Building a new EuroNARP location: Teh Lair^3 (part 2)

After a few weeks of silence, I finally have some time to provide you guys with an update to my previous blog. In the mean time, a LOT has happened and Teh Lair^3 is getting its final shape. This'll mostly be a pic-report as most explanati...


Building a new EuroNARP location: Teh Lair^3 (part 1)

I haven't blogged in ages, but I've been very busy... My real life has changed a lot since my last blog, I've got a new job, I've moved to a new home and last but not least, I've become a father of twin girls ( My wife and I already had a s...


Dtoid Memories: EuroNARPs!

I "discovered" Dtoid in its infancy, through Digg.com I kept seeing this site pop up that I'd never heard of before but it was posting articles and links at a frightening rate... Lots of the articles were real eye-catchers and I ended up vi...


Welcome to Teh Lair!

In 2005 I came home from living in my College-city for 4 years... Over the years I had collected a shitload of games and consoles ( worked my ass of for it at the local movie theater ) so I couln't store all of them in my bedroom, the solut...


EuroNARP 4.5: 17th to 19th of February!

Well it's that time again, february is approaching and thus, so is my birthday... Time for another EuroNARP! Well, 2 actually... First we'll do EuroNARP 4.4 on the 2nd of February => information here . Then we'll do EuroNARP 4.5! ...


Being Social: How to host a NARP ( EuroNARP4 pics! )

NARPs are one of the greatest things I got from Dtoid, I've been hosting them for 4 years now and we've had about 15 EuroNARPs. The number only goes up with the summer edition, in betweens are decimal numbers like 2.5, 2.6 etc. Since we can...


Motion Control: How it changed FPS for me.

I started out playing PC-games when I was 7, at 8 I got my first home-console ( Sega Master System II ), but I stuck with PC-gaming until slowly but surely the original Xbox and Halo convinced me of the viability FPS-games on consoles... Be...


Overcoming the 4th wall, the future of gaming...

I've recently become a beta-tester for Real-TimeRacing. For the purpose of this blog, I'll need to explain a bit what the idea is behind this game. Since it not just overcomes the 4th wall, it totally obliterates it... RTR is a game develo...


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Just a simple Belgian ( actually Flemish ) guy. Father of 3 awesome kids, a boy (3yo) and twin girls(1yo ).

I'm also the main host of the EuroNARPs and "owner" of Teh Lair ( but I get a LOT of help from my best mates so I don't really see myself as the actual owner )
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