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Square Enix president is likely stepping down. He's been doing it since 2013, but recently became a bit infamous for making statements about how cool NFTs are.


Near the end of Shadowrun Returns on Xbox gamepass. It'd be a fun, short, and friendly crpg experience if it didn't crash on me like 8 times. To the point where I thought my run was over. But damn anytime I have to go into the matrix it's made worse.


Horror adventure mystery game that I'm hearing good things about coming next week, though it's only previews for now. Definitely think it could be a fun playthrough now or near Halloween. Oh, also shares character designer of Neo Twewy!


A secret of Mana spiritual sequel is coming with some talent from the original game. Features 3 player local co-op and a pretty snazzy day 1 edition for physical collectors.


Previews for FF16 are dropping, will watch soon.


Luminous productions is being reorganized back into square.


Finished Ashita no joe. Really old boxing manga wasn't high on my priority list but it happened for some reason and hey it was fun and will probably stick with me. Classic.


The closer we get to FF16's release the more I will be exposed to 'guy who thinks he has a high IQ cause he plays turn based games'


I watched skinkymadink. 70% was like 'ooh haha fun' and the other 30% was 'I'm gonna have a panic attack why did I put this on'


Soul hackers and wo long is cool. Also today is the day Legend of Dragoon and Wild Arms 2 go up on PSN! Trophies and other features confirmed.


The Atelier remake comes out in July and has a mode that gets rid of the time limit elements. *Phew*


Hope this makes it a good port now.


Got credits for star ocean 5. At the last stretch every enemy hits so hard that defense doesn't matter, you're going to have to revive constantly. On the plus side with the berserker role you can sacrifice all defense for a crazy attack boost.


Star ocean 5 is like one good patch away from being a kinda fun 20 hour grind. I dread the 'protect Anne' story segments as 15 enemies spawn in and rush her down. And had a dungeon with no save points reveal a bug where the boss turns invincible.


Games leaving game pass. Two weeks notice isnt enough time for me to cram lightning returns in.


Speaking of Wild Arms 2 the game's translation is uh, not good. Like The main story can be confusing because of it. This week someone uploaded a retranslation of the intro and is considering continuing. Give them a like and comment if you hope they do!


Oh my God it seems like a good month! Extra has all you see, plus Tokyo rpg factory games and Forgotten City. And premium finally delivers with Legend of Dragoon, Wild Arms 2, and Harvest Moon!


Pluto is finally getting an anime adaptation this year on Netflix. This is Naoki Urasawa's retelling of a specific Astro Boy storyline. I don't know much about Astro Boy but this was a quality manga on its own.


The first 5 hours of star ocean 5 have been fun! This game has the rep as the bad one, but honestly it has some cool stuff going on that 6 doesn't have or did worse. The UI, Sp, specialties, crafting, sidequests. Akiman's 2d art fills out the party menu!


Looks like Jojo part 9 is gonna start publishing in Japan soon.


Star Ocean 6: I crafted the best weapon for Raymond, who had ~3000 overall atk, and it quadrupled it to ~12,000. These are kinda hard to get and probably meant for the deep post game, so I'm wondering if the final boss won't melt instantly.


Reviews popping up for the new dungeon crawler labyrinth of galleria. Seems like a totally new story and I've heard lots of good things, but I played the first one not long ago and this seems very similar. Probably the one to try, if anyone is interested.


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