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Star ocean 6 has a disease arc where ray gives everyone masks and gives an explaination to the fantasy people how masks can help prevent the spread of disease.


Ooh shadowdroo, hope it's good might not play it til this weekend.


Are people out there interpolating live action feature films into 60fps or is this a curse only animated stuff gets.


Fun thing: Star ocean 6 gives you a support based character to play as early on, and it's pretty fun! You cant target enemies, instead you dash to allies, buffing and healing, and taunt enemies and do AOE stuns while the others clean up.


Various Daylife came out on Android today, and it seemed like a good fit so I purchased it. So far I think it's decent enough. Seems like a good feedback loop of doing jobs to raise stats/funds and going on expeditions. Combat has neat ideas too.


Wasn't sure if it would be my thing, but had a real good time with Norco. It goes to some absurd places and has good writing to back it up including being genuinely funny. Reminds me a bit of Silver Case which I also love.


People talking about Persona eventually leads into 'what if the next one is more mature, darker, and older cast of characters' but I'm gonna guess p6 is gonna be something like 'Still in high school but also you're a v-tuber now.'


They announced a Dragon Quest Battle Royale for phones today, lol.


Please, let this stupid company I get mad at live again.


I definitely wanna play the turn based Gundam jrpg with an original story at some point. Probably not amazing, but it's closer to what I want than other Gundam games I see getting released.


Looks like I can get Dunbine for a decent price on Blu ray. I'm used to these shows having no legal options and the physical media being ridiculously priced. Wonder if it'll look much better than how I've seen it so far. Show is 40 years old, damn!


Despite a real generic name this seems like it has some good production. Releases at the end of the month on PC, consoles later. Cautiously optimistic!


They just confirmed Johnny Yong Bosch is returning as Vash for the dub of Trigun Stampede which will start airing on the 21st.


Reminder that they are under legal obligation to release Skull and Bones.


The only people who get anything out of Ps Classics is Syphon Filter fans, and I don't even know if you guys exist.


I have been diving into a lot of old Mecha for a bit most recently with stuff like Ideon, Getter, Mazinger, and Dunbine. It's really nice to sit down and watch G Witch's finale and go hooray cool mecha stuff is happening in the present too!


I hit credits on Valkyrie Elysium, and yeah I thought it was fun for about 8 hours but it doesn't have enough going for the 16 I put in and I didn't get the colletibles forthe true ending so it ends on a thud.


They should have made the series S a portable, I want to play all these gamepass indies in bed not on my tv.


Diofield seems to be going up on Gamepass today. Just bought it for swit h but such is life, I'll get more time to play it portably anyway.


Getter Robo Go had me lose interest during the racism arc, but brought me back when they revealed the dinosaur empire was back.


This isn't really a resolution but I think I'll try to keep pace with the mecha podcast I listen to and watch Aura Battler Dunbine as they cover it week to week which might take a good chunk of the year. Hell yeah.


Shout out to my wife who spends her time making content online about autism. If it's not absolute weirdos who tell her autism is fake, it's other creators reusing her content then finding any bad faith reason to give her the cold shoulder.


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