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I saved up but got the brand new star rail guy pretty quick.


Mad some of the new demons in SMTV that I've seen around online are individual DLC. Artemis looks cool but $5 in a game where demons quickly become obsolete?


I spent like 2 hours on the hydra in SMT V I still can not clear the first boss, lol.


I did the first little session of Unsighted and it's cool. I know a main aspect is how npcs are tied to timers before they 'die'. It can be turned off anytime but I'll see how it goes for now since I don't always hate that sort of thing.


I remember hearing every now and then people being like 'now that we have Genshin do we need another breath of the wild?' And I'm wondering if Genshin players are now down for totk or if there's even any association anymore.


Nice, I know Falcom has been around forever, but think they have the potential to be a mainstream success.


Fuga 2 shows no fear in the face of Zelda.


Damn, I might just YouTube the other Triangle Strategy endings or something. Even if I'm zooming through the cutscenes and all I still lgotta do these main battles over. Same reason I only did one route of three houses. Feels like homework.


Played some of the Monster Menu demo. Very obviously inspired by Delicious in Dungeon, it's a full 3d dungeon crawler all about crafting and cooking to survive, with Disgaea combat on top. Bare bones in some areas but I think it's worth trying.


Viz has a new $2 subscription service much like Shonen Jump's that covers a lot of stuff outside of the Shonen action genre. You've got a few big names like Junji Ito, Inio Asano, Rumiko Takahashi and a shit ton of Detective Conan.


My cousin who fosters and helps cats in her area is being badmouthed and blacklisted by the local community. The inciting call-out post insisted she's not fit to take care of animals because she is 'openly autistic'. Incredibly frustrating to see.


Shining Force's character designer made an art book where they gave all the characters a new modern take, very fun to see.


I see the director/writer of Chrono Cross worked on Xenogears right before. This makes so much sense.


Threw out my back after getting over my cold. I take one wrong step and I'm on the floor. More Chrono Cross is the cure.


Doing a Chrono Cross playthrough. I've gotten up to 'the big switcheroo' once years ago but couldn't play for a long time and shelved it. Feel like I'm mostly caught up. Also got Glenn and Leena via being a jerk.. RIP KID WE GOT X STRIKE NOW.


Switched to easy in Xenoblade 3 dlc and honestly I should have done sooner. Battles aren't as drawn out and I can go back to exploring.


Oh hell yeah this is perfect sickness watching. Yume Nikki 3d is something I know far too little of.


Sick with a cold so I've been chugging that Xenoblade DLC these last couple days. 15 hours in.


There's a Twitter account with clips from a demonstration of Ys X. Combat, hoverboarding, towns, naval battles, and some really weird UI placement.


My review of Benedict Fox is that I played for ten minutes and nothing felt good about it. If it's secretly actually good I'll let someone else find out and tell me, lol.


Thankful my free 5 star in Star Rail isn't a tiny baby gremlin character.


Twenty minutes into Xenoblade DLC and this collectathon style progression system may end up addictive.


Went and got the Liberty ending for Triangle Strategy. Probably won't count it as finished until I hit that final ending, but may put that on hold since Xenoblade DLC is basically here.


The older Atelier Trilogies are on sale right now. Only happens once or twice a year afaik and usually not all of them at once. I like the Dusk games a lot. Melancholy, apocalyptic, and also very chill.


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