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Sick with a cold so I've been chugging that Xenoblade DLC these last couple days. 15 hours in.


There's a Twitter account with clips from a demonstration of Ys X. Combat, hoverboarding, towns, naval battles, and some really weird UI placement.


My review of Benedict Fox is that I played for ten minutes and nothing felt good about it. If it's secretly actually good I'll let someone else find out and tell me, lol.


Thankful my free 5 star in Star Rail isn't a tiny baby gremlin character.


Twenty minutes into Xenoblade DLC and this collectathon style progression system may end up addictive.


Went and got the Liberty ending for Triangle Strategy. Probably won't count it as finished until I hit that final ending, but may put that on hold since Xenoblade DLC is basically here.


The older Atelier Trilogies are on sale right now. Only happens once or twice a year afaik and usually not all of them at once. I like the Dusk games a lot. Melancholy, apocalyptic, and also very chill.


I installed that Honkai Star Rail to my phone ahead of it's imminent launch. Don't care for Genshin or any f2p mobile games but, eh, it's a big budget turn based game and I'm much more likely to get bored than spend money.


Street fighter 6 demo was cool but it seems locked into the modern control scheme, and defaulted to the resolution mode which looked and felt bad to me.


A tweet pointed out that a Phantom Dust remaster is available free on Xbox. Single player campaign and all. I'd have to try it out again, but I'd probably say it was one of my favorite games on OG Xbox. Same director as the panzer dragoons games, too.


If you move out of the country and get married you should definitely not start your US taxes the day before the deadline.


Lost our pet Clementine last night. I didn't really know much about Rabbits but bonded with her over the last year when I moved to Scotland. She was in her senior years but she seemed fairly normal just a week or two prior. We miss her.


Playing Triangle Strategy around chapter 7. I feel tempted to do what I think are the 'bad choices' to see different things and I assume different characters before attempting a better outcome.


Being the next big game to release after Zelda didn't seem great but this big a delay? It's not like they can remake the whole game to be something interesting.


Monochrome Mobius which is part of Utawarerumono universe is getting a playstation release. It was only on PC for a while. I'm still In the middle of the second game and not sure I'm a big fan of the series on the whole. But oh well!


It's been way too long but they're almost here! (With a couple extra improvements)


I finished metacritic's #1 ranked video game of all time, The House in Fata Morgana. Yeah, it was good. Thumbs up.


I think something about Pillars of Eternity 2 that should be appreciated is that it inexplicably has a big head mode available in the options right away for anyone who wants their epic fantasy to look absurd.


Think I'm a bit overwhelmed by pillars of eternity 2. A lot of choices that the game lets you know you can NOT undo including what kind of battle system you want. Subclasses and multiclassing is cool but also leads to choice paralysis, lol.


I completed my pillars 1 playthrough! Not a thorough playthrough, but I did do the expansion and Endless Paths along with a healthy amount of side quests. Sometimes a bit too stuffy and finicky but hopefully 2 improves which I might start soon?


Crpgs be like 'you're pretty far in, what if the game crashes more now?' seriously though even though I've been saving more often it just ignored those and I had to restart an area where I did leveling and updated my gear.


Ryza 3 is reviewing pretty well so far, this one gives a 9/10. Excited to play it down the line, and what comes next for Atelier.


Here is what's left on my (always changing) 'games I plan to beat this year'. Trying Pillars has been great so I made room for both and Chrono Cross got the patch plus eShop sale so it's time.


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