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Next gen fantasy Persona is more exciting than Persona 6 for me. That, the Capcom game, the climb game, and PILLARS OF ETERNITY THREEE. I had a good time. :)


My Xbox conference bingo card is one big square that says 'Persona 3 remake day 1 gamepass.'


One of those days off where you put on multiple different games and go 'nope, not feeling it today.'


The other day I spent all my currency to get the new honkai girl and didn't even on a pity roll which sent me to the depths of despair. Today I played enough to get another chance and actually got three characters including her.


Street Fighter: I still couldn't break into Bronze rank for the life of me. Switched to modern controls last night and while I was getting used to them climbed up to silver with Manon. Turns out instant command grabs are powerful.


The guerilla collective stream was alright. Some cool indie and lower budget games. Worth fast forwarding or watching I nthe background.


I'm doing phantasy star 2 with the improvement mod. Alleviates some grind, bugs, retranslation, and faster walk speed. The first dungeon is an absolute elevator maze nightmare. The US release came with a guide including dungeon maps so I'm using those.


Haven't given it much thought til now but this may be the first trails game I pick up on Switch or any portable. More convenient and easier to get through for me now. Whenever Kuro comes out I'll probably go back to ps5.


What was that quote? 'Mass Effect 3 is the perfect entry point for new fans!'


I can't find many people talking about this but playing Manon it seems like all her command throws are blockable. I'm sure there's reasons, but when I play against somebody like Zangief I feel at a disadvantage lol


Was close to hitting bronze rank with Manon but that's when I started getting beat back down. I should probably learn more than the basics.


Matsuno is just asking some questions.


I got eShop credit for my birthday a bit ago. I sure would like to play those Etrian Odyssey games that are about to release. Too bad it's eighty dollars!!


Whenever emulation or piracy comes up in online spaces there's always the one user who turns into a holy crusader who will fight for Nintendo against the heretics who played Mother 3 that one time.


Street fighter sounds great, and I have leftover psn credit in my pocket. But oh shit ps Plus extra gives me some real D tier games to play like night of azure 1 and 2! They're otherwise pretty expensive digitally and physically. That's REAL VALUE.


I Think You Should Leave season 3 just dropped on Netflix. For those who don't know, it's a comedy sketch series starring Tim Robinson and produced by the lonely island guys. Humor is a tricky thing but these always land for me.


Hi. Ps Plus extra is gonna be 25% off in a few days. Should I get extra, and what are the games currently available you guys like? Thx.


Sky pirate indie rpg. I haven't played Skies of Arcadia, but I'm guessing that's part of the Inpiration.


A full playthrough got uploaded to YouTube like a week ago. I skimmed it and every part visually looked like mud, and gameplay wise it seemed like nothing was ever happening.


Microsoft just tweeted out what also coming to Xbox. Probably to stoke gamer wars, but it's probably good to know for some.


I thought they were gonna end it on the Gran Turismo movie Trailer, lmao.


Sounds like a recent 3ds patch disables some ways to hack it. Probabky best to just not download if you ever want to.


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