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Crpgs be like 'you're pretty far in, what if the game crashes more now?' seriously though even though I've been saving more often it just ignored those and I had to restart an area where I did leveling and updated my gear.


Ryza 3 is reviewing pretty well so far, this one gives a 9/10. Excited to play it down the line, and what comes next for Atelier.


Here is what's left on my (always changing) 'games I plan to beat this year'. Trying Pillars has been great so I made room for both and Chrono Cross got the patch plus eShop sale so it's time.


Finished Severance. Damn that was the best show I've probably seen in a while. Go get a free apple trial or whatever you have to do.


It's interesting that NIS America essentially already did their sicko mode PC port with the help of Durante, before they even announced the game for the west. Hope that means it'll be early 2024?


They sure are going for it. Though the multiplayer and publisher makes me wonder if I'm looking at a live service game with a cool indie look.


I got the first two dead cells dlcs and beat the final boss once. Should I get the rest and/or start a new file?


Finished act 1 of pillars of eternity and I think I'm gonna restart lol. Rogue probably wasn't the right choice for me, the chanter and cipher classes sound more interesting now.


The level 5 stream is airing now with English subtitles. Edit: link didn't embed but I wrote some quick notes I nthe comments.



Lu Bu keeps beating me up so I finally played a session of Pillars of Eternity. One of those games that's intimidating to me, especially since I'm playing on console, but I'm enjoying it! I'm a little rogue werewolf lady. I see dead people.


The MegaMan gacha showed off x and zero redesigns based on Dante and Vergil. Not gonna play it, but I appreciate the art.


I've been reading a manga called Helck where a Conan the barbarian type hero switches to the demons side to defeat the humans.


I haven't seen it noted by many players, but after the patch I can hit the combo timing in Legend Of Dragoon MUCH more accurately. Used to not get any, now I'm hitting 4 in a row with relative ease. Makes the game much more appealing.


Square Enix president is likely stepping down. He's been doing it since 2013, but recently became a bit infamous for making statements about how cool NFTs are.


Near the end of Shadowrun Returns on Xbox gamepass. It'd be a fun, short, and friendly crpg experience if it didn't crash on me like 8 times. To the point where I thought my run was over. But damn anytime I have to go into the matrix it's made worse.


Horror adventure mystery game that I'm hearing good things about coming next week, though it's only previews for now. Definitely think it could be a fun playthrough now or near Halloween. Oh, also shares character designer of Neo Twewy!


A secret of Mana spiritual sequel is coming with some talent from the original game. Features 3 player local co-op and a pretty snazzy day 1 edition for physical collectors.


Previews for FF16 are dropping, will watch soon.


Luminous productions is being reorganized back into square.


Finished Ashita no joe. Really old boxing manga wasn't high on my priority list but it happened for some reason and hey it was fun and will probably stick with me. Classic.


The closer we get to FF16's release the more I will be exposed to 'guy who thinks he has a high IQ cause he plays turn based games'


I watched skinkymadink. 70% was like 'ooh haha fun' and the other 30% was 'I'm gonna have a panic attack why did I put this on'


Soul hackers and wo long is cool. Also today is the day Legend of Dragoon and Wild Arms 2 go up on PSN! Trophies and other features confirmed.


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