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In Lute's campaign in Saga Frontier you can grab some party members and go straight to the final boss in about 15 mins. Taking advantage of new game plus I almost took all 4 phases down, but rushing in meant I had no healing. Damn.


The cel-shaded Lost Planet spin off, EX Troopers just got a fantranslation patch. Looks like it works for the ps3 and 3ds version? Exciting.


For those keeping score of the avalanche of Square games let me point out that Front Mission and Saga Minstrel Song come out one day apart. Both cool, but I might get Saga first. I am ready to love these horrifying chibi nightmares. Also $10 cheaper.


Wrapped up Fuga, A good budget rpg where your lil furry guys drive a megatank to defeat the fascists and God. Game didn't get much buzz so unfortunately missed how to get the true ending, luckily sequel still coming next year. Both on gamepass!


Talking to my wife before Christmas like 'did you know the Inazuma Eleven series never physically released in America but is very cheap here in the uk? I just thought that was interesting.'


This starts about a meme sound effect and where it came from and quickly turns into how much of a shit Tommy Tallarico is. Reccomend it if you need to kill time.


Here's how crisis core will run on each platform. This is the sort of nonsense chart that I'm happy to See.


Big ole FE Engage trailer just dropped. It's mostly a story and characters thing. No gameplay. Setting up factions and showing what might be some later games twists. Avoid if you'd rather not know.


There's a boss in Fuga who counts down til his big attack and he always shoots it one turn early. I fell for it every time.


Gungrave baby! Have heard good things about Norco as well.


Maybe it's every year but the game awards nominees are like 5 games over and ove, until you hit the RPGs. Anyway I voted for Live a Live and Nibellion.


Id have guessed vampire survivors came out a few days ago on gamepass but I'm going to have to accept that all that playing I've done was all in the last 24 hours or so.


Love when I go to cancel a service that's repeatedly let me down, and when I do find the 'cancel subscription' button it's an image file that does nothing. :)


The makers of Cosmic Star Heroine have a new game out on PC today. Shakespeare themed magical girls RPG. Check it out.


The only valid reason to pay twitter $8 is to make them regret it.


I am definitely down for Rogue Legacy 2 on Switch. Weirdly I think I played the first it on my old PC or soemthing cause I remember dealing with constant slowdown o nthe original.


I'm glad that quack tv doctor, Dr Oz, didn't win my home state. Memories of MLM guys in college citing him for why their bullshit was great already made me hate him.


I do not want my health chipped off for every death, nor do I want to walk backwards through the level to one of the special save points that you can pay to undo it. Just have a hard boss and spawn me at full health outside when I die!


Chained Echoes, a jrpg throwback I backed and still looks great is coming on December 8th! Hoping it delivers.


Finished Signalis! Overall a great time with some little problems. Some parts have a bit too many enemies and with aiming being finnicky it can be a bother. Story and setting are great, without over explaining.


I think I found this out like three times but didn't believe it, but a proper type moon visual novel is getting localized in December. I'm not terribly knowledgeable, but I think this part of the melty blood/tsukihime canon. Probably try it sometime.


I said earlier that I was a little apprehensive about Ghost Song on a count of being a decade of development, but it seems to be getting good reviews so far! Up on game pass today, along with every other platform.


October ending on Halloween just makes me want to keep watching spooky stuff, not stop. Anyway, HAUSU. Some real cool imagery. Is this where the Mario 64 piano comes from.


Ghost song, Pentiment, and vampire survivors console edition are what I'm looking forward to. I know Somerville is made by one of the playdead founders, but don't know anything else.


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