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I enjoyed my first few hours of SE's Dungeon Encounters. Story and music isn't worth much, but the gameplay feels like the equivalent of a crossword or sudoku. Some neat gameplay ideas in there that I hope get explored as you go further.


There is free dlc for Tales of Arise that came out with three boss fights for new weapons. The absurd part is that you have to go on bandaid namco's website and provide your email at a CHANCE to receive the dlc. What are they on.


Fan translation of the last suikoden game is being released in a few days. Not in the main timeline, but from quick reading is a traditional rpg with elements you'd expect from Suikoden. And maybe time travel.


I've been wanting to try some shmups recently. I think the most I ever got into one was R-type. I know Ikaruga is probably one to play, any suggestions for switch or PS4?


New trailer and a release date for Dragon Quest X offline in Japan. Pc port too, it'd be insane if there isn't an English localization in the works, but who knows.


Don't know if y'all have seen but there's a new stranger in Paradise demo and if Twitter isn't fooling me it has ascene where jack plays limp Bizkit from his brand new iphone. Goty?


Square announced another game that seems in the same vein as voice of cards, except this is actually releasing before that. They're both this month. lol


I got the classic Castlevania collection since I never seriously played anything before symphony. So is 2 a skip, or is it somewhat salvageable with a guide or whatever.


Possible leaks from Nintendo's jp site. Get off the internet if you want to be pure.


Finished Gunvolt yesterday, not my favorite and it trying to get me to replay stages before I hit credits is not what I'm there for. That said I started 2 and like a lot of people said Copen is funner than gunvolt. No Wonder he got his own series.


Me loving a lot of longer videogames like Jrpgs is an accomplishment considering I have a decent chance of catching a migraine when I play a couple hours in a day.


I'd rather have mid-tier jrpg dialogue than what Forspoken's writing is going for. Maybe my brain is poisoned, but eh. Gameplay looks neat, though.


I have dived deep into the Suda verse. NMH 1, 2, TSA, and now killer 7. Me and my partner are also watching an English subbed playthrough of Twilight syndrome. 25th ward and a manga spin off to read before I attempt no more heroes 3 proper.


Maybe this is the e3 event equivalent this year? :0


No psychonauts 2 physical editions, huh? Damn.


Tales of Arise hype has led me to look at the 2d ps2 Tales games we never got. Two separate teams are fan translating two of them, and maybe one of them will do the third after? They all look right up my alley.


I spent an hour trying to remember this game the other week, and wasn't sure if I imagined it, so xbox's thing was good. Other cool looking indie games too.


Been a fan for over half my life, got pretty worried from how long it took, but I ended up loving it as always.


Splitgate is a Halo plus portal, and you can play it free right now on consoles. Don't recall anyone talking about it, but I had a blast playing for about two hours. I thought I'd ignore the portal mechanics and play Halo, but theyre rad!


Got the highest tier version of the Automata squad without opening my wallet, the gacha has been defeated.


Fantasian part 2 sounds pretty huge. Port plz, etc.


I haven't had as much time for games lately, but if you're on the new Nier gacha and want to help me grind for sexy robots on the bus to work you can add me at: 336042524519


The game Alphadream made before doing the Mario and Luigi games, Tomato Adventure, just got a fan translation.


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