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Looks like Diofield is gonna be a September release. New gameplay shown but it's not uploaded yet.


Was loving Ayesha until I got to the first boss 90% through and he decimated me. Spent an in game year prepping for it and scraped through. Now I'm not sure I have enough time to finish off the final boss. Doomed to new game plus if not.


Will we ever see a level 5 game in English again or will they shut down first.


This and Forspoken in the same month. Honestly more hype for this.


The frontpage article reminded me that this wasn't a weird fever dream I had in the middle of the direct. And I can think of a couple reasons he got skipped out, but they skipped Chainsaw man? lol


Japan got a kaiju-themed Monster Rancher game.


Decided to sign up for a UK game rental service since I was a big gamefly fan before I moved. Turns out somnium files 2isn't til July 8th here, whoops! Now do I got for Triangle Strategy, strangers of paradise, or just wait for somnium files.


I think I've been dealing with a chronic migraine for the entire week without realizing quite what it was. And on second thought I've probably dealt with them for years. Today I am at a point of nausea. Scrolling through social media isn't helping much.


Livestream for star ocean in five days. Hope for a good frame rate and release date.


The older Atelier games that rarely go on sale, are on sale! I've been particularly wanting to try the dusk trilogy as it's you doing your cozy slice of life adventure in a world where humanity is dying off.


FF16 interviews with Yoshida came out. Main points that stick out is it's NOT open world game, and there will be Party Members throughout controlled by AI.


Seeing some media outlets get weirdly defensive over Diablo Immortal and other gacha games. I've dabbled and enjoyed some, they're not really worth defending! Anyway Ted Cruz apparently loves paying to win.


A Nintendo direct has been announced! For Xenoblade 3! I don't think I need any more info, buddy I'm sold.


Saw someone on twitter who is 18 identify as an incel. I feel like that's a bit too early to be labeling yourself that when you just started adulthood, but their main hobby seemed to be harassing localizers online so they're probably right.


I picked bow and dagger class when I first started Dragons Dogma and liked it. Probably still pick that over warrior, but does anyone really like mage in this game? I know the classes open up later but


I played Dragons Dogma on PS3 a decent bit but my memory is pretty faded, and the game is on sale. I think the ps4 port is locked to 30 from what I googled, and others said it's a good Switch port. Anybody else have opinions on ps4 vs switch for this?


Seen this game around, and it's in early access now. Looks like old Fromsoft and Elder scrolls games. Definitely noting it for when it's at full release.


Capcom is gonna diversify their output at some point, right.


Here's 15 smaller games I'd say I was pretty interested in from the last few days.


Red Letter media's Mike and Rich Evans confirmed they're doing voices in this game and I'm 90% sure Tim Robinson is in there. Fell off Rick and Morty around the same time everyone else turned on it, but I hope this turns out great.


Demon school stuck out for me in the PC show. Gives me Persona vibes, but like the ones no one played.


Feel this way about skill trees or level up perks as well. They should be something game changing, not a minor situational stat increase.


A Japan only 'Way of the Samurai' spinoff from the ps2 era is getting a western release. Looks absolutely absurd in a good way.


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