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Destruction maybe?

With the release of the PS4 on the horizon, there are rumours abound as to what titles we will see hit the console in the months following its release. One such rumour that has me on a nostalgia high right now was the sorta/kinda/maybe ne...


Being out of the loop and why that's ok.

The loop, that is to say the 'inner circle' of knowledge pertaining to any particular subject at present time, is a state in which you can find yourself feeling irrelevant on a near hourly basis. Attaining this continuous state of relevan...


Cross-Buy Bye? The perils of Cross-Buy-ing a game.

I should note that I am currently working in Hong Kong but am native to England so the games available to me, and their release dates, might be different to you. With the release of the Playstation Vita, Sony unveiled a handheld console ...


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