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My Top Ten Most Hated Members of the Community

I'm delaying my blog about Yakuza III's potential to change the entire gaming industry to get this out of the way and quickly. 10. Jim Sterling. I was here before him, and he took my fat guy shtick. HEY JIM I WAS THE ORIGINAL FAT GUY 9. S...


Why I Love Destructoid

-idk my bff Dennis -I can make posts that utilize my unique (aka akin to a 12 year old) sense of humor -Stupid videos -PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAX In all seriousness, Dtoid has been an outlet to...


Banjo-Kazooie Demo Impressions From A Rabid Fan

I am a rabid Banjo Kazooie fan, as most of you know, and therefore I was really excited to get my hands on the Nuts and Bolts demo last night. I've been waiting so long to play a new BK game, and I'm really interested in how they've chang...


Feel The Hatred: Yashoki and his Special Day

Yashoki? Fuck that guy. Look, I hate Yashoki just as much as any other person... probably even more since I have to talk to him on a weekly basis, and play The Ship with him every Thursday night. But once a year, he gets one "Get Out Of...


Here's To Another Year of Win and Awesome!

Pic unrelated, as always.... Anyways, I just wanted to take a minute to make my own little "Happy Birthday" cblog, so here I go Niero, I dont think I could ever thank you enough for Destructoid. I can think of so many ways Dtoid has aff...


How You Know You're Too Much Of A Nerd

When you see this: And the first thing to pop into your head is this: Then you begin to laugh histerically inside of a Borders bookstore, only to be asked by an employee: "Do you need any sort of help sir? You're freaking out the other ...



Sweet mother of god, this is the best site I have EVAR seen The whole bible has been turned into lolcat speak... how awesome is that? Sorry for how shitty this blog is.. Im really, really drunk right now. Ask Necros or Cowzilla, Im frig...


Lark Ohiya is a Fucking God

I love this community so much, words cannot express. Out of the blue the great Lark Ohiya sent me this picture... I didn't ask for this at all, just out of the blue. Things like this make me realize why I spend so much time with this com...


Nintendo 64 Kid Has A New Rival

Normally I am against posting something on the cblogs if it has been on digg, but this is just too good to pass up. The beginning is kind of extra, just buffer and start it at 1:20. Epic lulz abound


I Love You Necros, But...

The ongoing feud with my fellow Failcaster continues... and now my rant: MWA HA HA! I come back from a night of rampant drinking (Flaming Dr. Peppers FTW!!!) and what do I see? I BEAT YOU NECROS! BOO YAH! Take that you dirty hippy! CUT YO...


Watch your back Necros...

Thats right sucka, here I come. THE TRUE KING SHOWS HIS POWER ...god if my boss new how much time I spent on Dtoid at work, well, I wouldnt be working no more. Good thing I'm IT, so he will never know MWA HA HA HA god this blog fails, b...


Best Vista Error EVAR!

This comes from the tech blog Gizmodo. Basically, a Gizmodo reader had a problem with his Windows Vista operating system. Windows Vista Problem Reporting decided to report that it had a problem and had to stop reporting... the article is ...



...anyone notice something odd about the above picture? I lol'd like non other. In closing,


Crazy SSBB Babelfish Translations Vol. 5

O god, here we go again! Its time for another rendition of Crazy SSBB Babelfish Translations!!! Here be the links to the old ones: Vol.4 Vol.3 Vol.2 Vol.1 ----------------------------------------------- "It�s the return of Events! This i...


Last Day to Get 10 Bucks Off Any Game!!!

Here it is my fellow robots, a printable coupon that will net you 10 bucks off any game at Best Buy, as long as it costs 29.99 or more. I already picked up RE:Umbrella Chronicles at the Best Buy across the street at work, and Im going to g...



Dear Ubisoft, I have been telling people for the last 2 weeks that Assassins Creed is still a great game, even though its repetitive and has bugs, none of which I had seen. I tried to think that the those bugs were isolated incidents. Bu...


Crazy SSBB Babelfish Translations: Vol 4

O god, here we go again. In case you don't know what is going on, or want to see the old ones, here are the links to this continuing series of insanity: Vol.3 Vol.2 Vol.1 LETS DO THIS! LEEEEROOOOOOOOOOY... well you know the rest ------...


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