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While researching dungeon crawlers, I came across this… BEHOLD!


Here it is! Random Falcom stuff! Lol We’ve got Ys V (windows98) - still sealed! box is a bit squished though; YsVI ‘Mail Order Special Package’, Xanadu Next special edition 🤤aaaannnd DINOSAUR! Pc88 first person dungeon crawler by Falcom 🤤 phew


The Falcom package has arrived and it is worryingly packaged in black duck tape 😬


#frogtoid seems to be over, for now. Which means I’m free to talk about this new game I got. Mechanics include pulling and just have a great time with friends and family. Would definitely recommend/don’t sleep on this game etc.


This seller on eBay was hawking some old Falcom stuff, so I agreed to buy them in a bundle. There’re 3 games and some Ys VI ephemera. Cost around £130 incl shipping but I’m super excited about 2 of the games in particular! Now, the waiting game :)


Anyone else have a game which they vaguely remember from childhood but could never put a name to? I used to go to my cousins’ where they had an Atari ST and play a graphic text adventure about trolls and butterflies. I may have found it :)


Work this week was full on. One way I seem to cope with stress is buying DS games lol. I got FSR for cheapish. First impression: wow, what a large car park.


Poor EO2 :(


I know Atlus have WAY overpriced the Etrian Odyssey remasters and it pisses me off and I probably won't buy them, but (for fanboy gamer reasons) it's still thrilling to see an Etrian-effing-Odyssey store page on Steam :D


Finished Mothmen 1966. It's a fantastic little story which goes to some crazy, suitably pulpy places. Basically a VN, but it's got some clunky puzzles and gameplay in there too. Reminds me of old adventure games a bit. It's short (100mins) but sweet.


After finishing the main quest of Xanadu Next, I started playing Mothmen 1966, a small visual novel with a pulp horror theme. It’s great so far! There’re moments of minor interaction but ultimately it’s a VN through and through. Great atmosphere.


Finished Xanadu Next. My playthrough was about 15hrs and I loved pretty much every minute of it. Nothing ground breaking but it had a great atmosphere and the final dungeon was superb! Haven't yet touched the endgame dungeon but I'm sure I will do soon.


This is a fascinating video about the shit going on with Disco Elysium. I’m very only watched a little so far but it seems to cover A LOT, including interviews with both parties.


This is a fascinating video about the shit going on with Disco Elysium. I’m very only watched a little so far but it seems to cover A LOT, including interviews with both parties.


Am excited https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/system-shock-review


I think I’ve reached the boss of the ‘maybe the final dungeon’ in Xanadu Next. Amazing level design all the way through! Maze-like with shortcuts to unlock, great enemy variety and loads of secrets! Back to work tues so next boss’ll have to wait


Random port I’d love to see but has 0% chance of ever happening: Ultima VII Complete Edition on Switch :)


Spent a bit of time checking out Wallachia today. It’s a small budget Run and Gun in which you seek revenge against Dracula and shot arrows at the speed of a machine gun. Looks janky but it’s pretty satisfying to play.


Got some new games for my DS rpg collection :) most excited to play Magical Starsign as I’ve heard good things about it. Dungeon Explorer looks a bit trashy but that’s cool with me; I’m on a bit of an action rpg thing at the moment.


Here’s some Tuesday dungeon music for ya :)


I’m on paternity leave at the moment and our new babs is sleeping a bit more. All of which means I’ve made a bit more progress in Xanadu Next. Maybe the final dungeon; got the Dragon Slayer and found a skill to increase attack so I can spam enemies!


Did anyone else play the Demonschool demo? It was sadly one of those occasions where my anticipation dwindled a bit as a result. Thoughts below.:


Cool game mechanic in Xanadu Next: the last enemy you kill on a screen determines the treasure you get - so you end up prioritising particular enemies to kill last. It’s fun!


I have to say, as rough round the edges as it is, Xanadu Next is an incredible little game! Think Dark Souls meets Ys. If there were a few more interesting NPCs and a bit more customisation, it’d be top tier.


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