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Hey all, I know I've gone to mostly lurker status here this past year, but some real fuckshit happened to me I thought I'd share. Do we still #Darksiders3 here? Cause that feels appropriate.


This plus the hiring of non-union voice actors for RE2 makes me want nothing to do with Capcom, really sucks https://forum.waypoint.vice.com/t/reuben-langdon-dante-of-devil-may-cry-victim-blames-morrison-actor-is-a-white-man-who-makes-racist-jokes/21033


It's been a while since I've been really satisfied with my Guardian's appearance. Really wish they'd just add transmogging already cause I'd love to keep this look.


So they showed off The Quiet Man and uh...oof. I don't know about the story cause I just skipped around to glance at the gameplay, but wow, that looks really bad. I really wanna know the story behind this one.


"Hmm, this thing looks tough! I'll just use one turn to gauge its strength, what's the worst that could happen?"


I'd wanna leave my phone town too if I got the reception Sara got.


Had a dream that Capcom accidentally put a Loss meme into their e3 presentation of a CapcomXBandai Namco crossover game. That was fun, but now I want to see a mini gundam fight a Rathalos for real. :(


Got Ray Gigant and Stranger Of Sword City as my (hopefully) last 2018 Summer Sale games. I know it was mostly bad luck (damage dealer got poisoned in 1st fight, had no cure), but wooooow, dying basically in the prologue of the game sure is embarrassing.


Nothing like logging into Guild Wars 2 for the daily bonuses and staying for 30 minutes cause Mickey Mouse decided to have a concert next to the bank


Finally got Trails Of Cold Steel 1&2! That was a wild beginning. No tutorial, level 50 characters with tons of techniques, and a unique combat system. Feels like all that confusion isn't what they intended to begin with considering the story's fast pace?


I can't believe I've made it 44/50 episodes into Blood+ and the constant "is this really worth it?" feeling in the back of my head still hasn't gone away. Why have I not stopped?


Well, I guess it's appropriate that Ubisoft knows how to assassinate my interest in picking up this game any time soon. Looks like I'll just wait till the gold edition is $20-$40 like usual.


I just realized we didn't see any of that Left Alive game from Square Enix. Guess that's not coming out in 2018 like they said it would?


Jeeesus, I was holding off on Vampyr cause I thought Octopath Traveler was coming out this week. July 13th, not June 13th. These months need different names, damn it. On the bright side, I don't have to wait on Vampyr anymore.


I get the feeling that Anthem trailer would've been better if they had focused on a boss. It didn't look that special from fighting common enemies, but maybe they could've shown off the combo attacks better with something that required actual teamwork.


tfw you want someone to sit on your face but they decided to go out for a jog instead of just chilling and watching TV like their lazy ass normally does


Some guy decided to block the exit of the dump while I was trying to leave, cross the street, and pick up a big ass dead snake and put it on the dump's sign and yell "HEY. HEY. SUPPER." to one of the workers. Please get me out of the South.


Truly a pulse-pounding battle between man and beast


Can't believe I'm actually going for 100% completion of a Ubisoft Open World game. Wow.


Only a few hours into Watch Dogs 2 and one of the dumbest/most amazing things that's ever happened to me in a game just took place. I got caught sneaking into an area because some lady was trashing her boyfriends car, and got the cops called in. I died.


Beat AC:O! Mostly liked it, but the story felt so weird to me. Bayek and Aya are interesting characters that developed in interesting ways, but I still found it tough to care about anything happening? Still, if the series continues like this, I'm back in!


What a beautiful night, such a perfect time to gaze into the moons


I'm loving AC Origins. While it's not doing anything well, it's been solid and is trying new things. I hope we get more of the slightly unusual stuff this one does. Sniper fight in a sandstorm? Fighting a serpent god with a bow of light? Good shit!


"Oh I bet that guy thinks he's soooo cool with his bitch ass eagle. Poser."


Tfw you might have to sacrifice some children https://clips.twitch.tv/AmericanFilthySquirrelVoteNay


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