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Gaming Fact of the Day: Contrary to popular belief LJN was a publisher, not a developer. Many of their infamous games like Jaws, Karate Kid, Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th were developed by Rare and Atlus.


So I started playing MGS5 a few days ago and well it's bland and boring. I get that that whole mission structure worked for Peace Walker but that's because it was on the PSP. Sometimes what works on a handheld just doesn't work on a console and vice versa


Gaming Fact of the Day: Continuing from the other day, Galaxian 3 wasn't the only large arcade machine Namco made. In 1993 they released Ridge Racer Full Scale which used 10 screens, 3 projectors and a modified Mazda MX-5 Miata to control the car.


Gaming Fact of the Day: Today is Satoru Iwata's birthday. He would have been 58. RIP


Gaming Fact of the Day: The largest arcade game released was Galaxian 3. Originally it was an 28 player attraction at Namco Wonder Eggs theme park. Though they later released a scaled down 6 player version that used two laserdisc players and projectors.


Gaming Fact of the Day: Former Nintendo of America vice-president Howard Lincoln is an Eagle Scout. As a young boy he was one of the four scouts that posed for the Norman Rockwell painting The Scoutmaster.


So I picked up two other games from library, MGS5 and The Last of Us which I haven't played in years. Though I keep having loading issues with TLoU. So I might as well skip that until I can get the PS4 edition and go straight to MGS5.


Gaming Fact of the Day: After Uncharted 3's release, Naughty Dog had started development on Jak 4. It was supposed to have a realistic take on the series. However because the game was too much of a departure, it was cancelled in favor of The Last of Us.


Gaming Fact of the Day: What does Pitfall!, A Boy and His Blob and Home Improvement: Power Tool Pursuit all have in common? They were all developed by Activision co-founder David Crane.


It's Friday night. Sit back, relax and enjoy some nice City Pop.


Gaming Fact of the Day: At E3 1996, Nintendo showcased a new puzzle-platformer for the Virtual Boy called Dragon Hopper. However due to the demise of the system, it was cancelled. To this day the game remains elusive as no prototype carts have surfaced.


Lately I've had an interest in reading old gaming magazines. I've been collecting PDFs of Nintendo Power, EGM and Official Dreamcast Magazine. Though sadly there's not many PDFs of my favorite gaming mag Expert Gamer.


I really want to slap the idiot who designed Grumblump Inferno in Super Mario 3D World.


Gaming Fact of the Day: In 2007, KDND held a contest called "Hold your Wee for a Wii". Contestants had to keep drinking water without peeing to win a Nintendo Wii. Sadly contestant Jennifer Strange died hours later of water intoxication, she was only 28.


Gaming Fact of the Day: The Sega NetLink adapter for the Saturn didn't require servers, instead it used dial-up modems to call players looking for games. This means you can still play certain Saturn games online...that is if anyone is still playing.


Alright guys Part II of the Panzer Dragoon Retrospective is now up. Hope you all enjoy it! https://www.destructoid.com/--474855.phtml#post


Gaming Fact of the Day: Recently two never before seen Sega Saturn mockups surfaced. The owner claims they were sent from Sega of Japan to their NA and EU branches to decide on the final design. Neither of them work but they are neat pieces of history.


Gaming Fact of the Day: The time travel aspect of Chrono Trigger was inspired by Yuji Horii's love of time travel fiction and the 60's tv series Time Tunnel.


Good News: Turns out Part II of the Panzer Dragoon Retrospective is coming along faster than expected. So expect the new part sometime this week.


Gaming Fact of the Day: Half-Life: Blue Shift was originally created as an exclusive for the Dreamcast version of Half-Life. However due to Sega ending production of the system, the port was cancelled and Blue Shift was moved to PC.


Gaming Fact of the Day: Naughty Dog was founded in 1984 as JAM Software. JAM stands for Jason & Andy's Magic.


Gaming Fact of the Day: In early 90's, Fabtek planned on releasing an add-on for the Game Boy called the WorkBoy. It would have turned the GB into a workstation complete with a stand and keyboard. It was covered in Nintendo Power but was soon cancelled.


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