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Still alive. Working hard. Kicking ass in college. Playing board games when I can. Look what has arrived!


How the hell is Puss in Boots: The Last Wish now in my tip 10 movies? I don't like cats, I don't care for DreamWorks. But this thing is a masterpiece, y'all.


Hope everyone is doing well. I'm a busy boy, but still lurk around. Keep your chin up and be kind to yourself and others.


Just missed this in 2022, but it would have sat in my top 5. Full of humor and joy, with clever level design and tight controls. Glad I gave it a go.


When can we spam GOTY opinions mercilessly upon each other? Asking for a friend. Expect 2 lists! Vidjya and boared


Haven't been around much these days. Life's all kinds of crazy. But I wouldn't miss a chance to wish a very happy birthday to a guy who cares so much for this place and us and asks nothing back. You be happy and healthy on this special day, Chris. <3


You know what never gets old? Halloween. You know what does get old? Halloween candy. Oops.


Happy Halloween.


MFW checking powerball tickets knowing full well I wasn't going to win anyways.


Any good horror short stories you'd reccomend? Anything under 120 pages, let's say.


Played a very cool game, but I'll save that post for closer to Spook Day. Instead, here's Raccoon Tycoon. What a cool game. Art got my wife to the table, cut-throat auction kept her. $23 just about everywhere. Great on-board to complicated mechanics.


Played a few board games lately but haven't been taking pictures. Breaking that bad habit tonight for the beautiful Planted available at Target. Very quick, entry level drafting/engine builder. Great theme and fantastic components.


Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition is a wonderful stand alone game that plays quick while maintaining nearly all the depth of its predecessor. Highly recommend. Plays great solo as well!


Gamemaniac's birthday calls for a drum solo from dtoid's current mascot. Hope it's a good one, buddy!


Hoping I don't get banned for this underage bread image.


Its finally back!


Time to slip into something comfy and just loaf around the house.


My brothers D&D live play is... live. Yeah. I reccomend sticking around for at least the first 1h 30m. Lots of laughs.


Dune: War for Arrakis kickstarter is up. 7 days only. Designed by the team that made the incredible LotR: War of the Ring board game. Components are looking just as good as the gameplay. Check it out!


Bee and Puppycat is wonderful.


A year older! I feel really good about 38. Took big steps to bettering my self. Wish I could have done so sooner but thats America, baby. Also celebrated my 3rd anniversary. It was a quiet day, but still pleasant. Hope you all had a wonderful Wednesday.


New video from my brother's D&D game sponsored by Dungeons and Dragons. Andy is my brother, btw. Episode 1 comes out in the second week of September. Will post then.


What could be in this box, whose tape was laid so finely by deft and subtle hands?


Afternoon Board Game: Scythe. This is a real fine game folks. As pretty on the outside as the inside. Also played a round of Unmatched. Buffy's Angel vs. Bigfoot. Angel took the win, but with only 2 health to spare.


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