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After today I'll be taking a break from Qtoid for a little while. I don't think anything I post will be healthy. Be good to the people you love and please remember the children. Any 1 kid is more important than everyone on here combined. See ya later.


While my night was too busy to play Scythe, I did manage a few rounds of Jaipur. This little box should be in everyone's home. Terrific, easy, fast and fun 2P set collection game. Plus, it's full of Camels.


#boxturday? No? Well, while you're here, might as well show what's in it.


Board game night! Played Steam Punk Rally Fusion first but forgot to take a picture. So here is Dice Throne. Yahtzee Battler with unique characters. Both were great fun.


Bruv, happiest of birthdays to you. Every time I see your name on the daily scroll I know I'm in for something good, food or otherwise. Have a great day, my man, you deserve it. (This was one of my favorite NES games, thanks for reminding me!)


Just finished There is No Game. Had a great time with it, and now I'm looking for another point and click game on mobile. Any reccomendations (beyond the big ones)?


Just beat Morgot. For those that defeated him, what were your thoughts on his difficulty?


I'm going to Gen-Con! Through some incredible circumstances I'm tangentially related to. Anyone else going? Or nearby? I'm so excited to spend 4 days playing as many boardgames/TTRPG as possible.


Hey! I got a new job! And I got them to raise my base pay. I'll be working with special needs kids in K-5. Woohoo!


Tonight's game is Parks! Playing solo. Some great artwork in this one. Basic worker placement with some interesting choices. Hope this one becomes a regular at home.


Watergate the board game reminds me, of all things, of fighting games. Particular heavy hitters like Zangief vs. more agile characters like Cammy. The nimble Journalists deck vs. the landscape changing Nixon deck. A new favorite for 2 player games.


Happy hump day. May it be filled with humping.


If you could have an indie sequel shadow drop today, what would it be? I keeping waiting for Jamestown 2 and it keeps not happening.


Its my firm belief that handmade cards are the best cards. Happy birthday, buddy. Hope you get weird feelings that fill you with Vigor and love.


Happy Easter, friends!


Time for some Tiny Epic fun with Tiny Epic Zombies. Haven't played before. Trying it solo. EDIT: I won! I'm not sure I hit every rule 100%, but it was an intense game of big swings for and against me. More details within.


Job Interview follow-up. I don't know how that could have gone better. When the entire group interview says "we love you and we want you here" you just kinda feel alright for a moment. Waiting to hear the proposal next week for pay rate. Hope it's enough.


Job interview time! Stay tuned.


The Outer Worlds was mentioned. And you know what that means! An excuse to post the best original score in gaming!


ID please?


Seems legit


How many drinks do you think it would take to get From Software in bed with Traveler's Tales. Because I want that Lego Soulsborne experience in a big bad way.


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