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Christian Bale is Shadow the Hedgehog. I hope he uses his Batman voice.


I wonder if the WB/Discovery debacle is going to affect their upcoming games at all?


Yeah, sure, "citrus" reamer.


There should be a Yakuza-esque Street Fighter spin off. Maybe starring Chun Li/Juri as the Kiryu/Majima equivalents. Also a C. Viper game in the vein of MGR. Really I just want Capcom to use the cast of Street Fighter in games I wouldn't suck at.


Juri Han is proof that I have terrible taste in women and even worse survival instincts.


Been meaning to share this, but I stumbled upon a Monster Hunter animation channel that occasionally uploads these neat little videos showing off animation stuff in MH games that probably go unnoticed. Idk, I just think it's neat.


So there's an official Dead By Daylight dating sim.


Amongst all the shit news lately a small bit of (potentially) good news. New TMNT animated movie coming next year. Doesn't seem tied to any pre-existing TMNT series. Being helmed by the Mitchells vs Machines director and Seth Rogen.


I submit we change the rule that "its" is possessive and change it to "it's" as it should be while also replacing "it's" as it currently exists (a contraction of "it" and "is) with the archaic, but more fun to say "'tis". I will be taking no questions.


Also this is happening. The thing that interests me is that Capcom usually sees this kinda stuff as advertising and therefore generally only licenses out relevant characters that have something in the works for, so Rebecca piques my curiosity.


Apparently HBO Max is cancelling and removing shows/movies for tax write offs (Batgirl among those) and are expected to lay off 70% of their writing staff. I've also heard that once removed those projects can not be distributed in any monetized way.


I am so annoyed that Koraidon turns into a motorcycle but then still uses its stupid legs to run around. If its going to just run around, why does it need to grow wheels?! Other than that game looks like fun. Still getting Scarlet cuz cavelady professor.


I don't really understand why I like this guy's videos other than he just seems like he'd be fun to hang with.


So this is seems to have slipped real far under the radar, but next month (August 26) both Nexomon games will be released in a neat $40 bundle. I've played both and honestly the second game is worth it alone. I may double dip just to have 1 physically.


The Nier Automata church apparently has Drakengard assets in it. So it's looking very likely that it's either an incredibly talented modder or some very weird viral marketing teaser for something.


The MCU's Namor and his kingdom being reimagined as Mesoamerican is such a good idea. I know Atlantis was used because...it's Atlantis, but making now Namor and his people are more visually unique and it compliments Namor's anti-surface dweller motivation


Someone found a previously unknown secret room in Nier Automata. Link in comments. Possible spoilers.


I simultaneously forgot this game was a thing and thought it had already released.


Gameplay footage of TLOU Part 1 has leaked and it looks like it plays pretty much exactly the same as the original. So the remake really was entirely just to tweak graphics and not improve the experience at all. Makes even less sense than before.


Also for my fellow D20 fans on here.


This feels relevant to many of you folks' interests.


After many years of hearing about it but never having the opportunity to play it I finally got to play and beat Portal. It's a fun time. Short. But fun.


Of all the kid friendly franchises of my youth to get a dark, gritty reboot Barney the Dinosaur was not one I ever expected but I guess it's one we're getting.


Oh fuck me I just realized I now have a deadline to replay Bayo 1 & 2.


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