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I'm trying to wrap my head around the news. Chris Moyse has stuck so much time and effort into this place and the way he was treated is deplorable. And all because (I'm assuming) he stuck his neck out trying to make the site better for all of us. Shame.


Finally got around to finishing Paranormasight. Enjoyed it a lot. Would definitely recommend to folks who can handle the subject matter it contains. Some thoughts in the comments.


I remember when these used to be a regular thing around here. Anyways, green means I'm planning to get it, yellow means I'm considering it, red X means not interested, and if I did nothing it means I bought it.


I figured out why the Elephant Mario power-up feels so off to me. In every other game animal-themed power-ups are suits. This one you actually are an elephant. It breaks the pattern. If it was an elephant suit I wouldn't care.


Interesting video about a game I wish I could play (legally). Whatever happened with that poll the (Rule of Rose) publishers put out asking if they should port some of their old games to modern consoles? I wanna know if it's worth holding onto hope or not


Well holy shit the Arkham Trilogy on Switch is (allegedly) not a Cloud version. That's...really shocking. Also I wonder if Asylum/City will add the fog back due to tech limits, which would ironically make the games look better than the previous remasters.


So I went to download Pikmin 1 & 2 and did y'all know Wonderful 101 has a sidescrolling spin off that launched recently? Where the hell was the advertising for this?!?


New Dragon Quest Monsters. Nintendo wins "E3".


Nintendo used Mint Chip ice cream instead of chocolate because they're cowards. LET PEOPLE SPRAY DIARRHEA YOU COWARDS!!!


Square fixed the Chocobo Racing game and took the MTX out. Now you can unlock stuff by just playing the game.


I dream of a day when all games have demos.


Beat Meg's Monster. It's odd. When I first started it up I wasn't that impressed by it. Kinda thought maybe the team behind it had wasted too much time/money on the graphics and not enough elsewhere. I was wrong. This game is special. Highly recommended.


Why does a game like Ghost Trick need a Privacy Policy?


I can't believe how far Capcom has come since the dark ages not so long ago.


The SlimeyBearXXL979990 Showcase has been pretty cool so far.


Stupid Path of the Goddess. Gonna make me buy an Xbox.


Xbox Prediction? Banjo Threeie...still not happening.


Been a while since anyone's done one of these, so real quick community shoutout to SlimeyBearXXL979990 for keeping up with all the posts about indie games coming out/being announced. Put a few gems on my radar. And always appreciate supporting indies.


We need better media literacy because the theories surrounding Spider-Man 2 are the most baseless, asinine theories I have ever seen. Like its literally just "this is what I would want, therefore that's what is going to happen."


I wonder if the Exoprimal Street Fighter designs will come to SF6 as costumes?


Question: Is there enough single player stuff in SF6 that someone like me who has no interest in online would still be able to play it? I'd like to hold out for the Ultra Arcade Hyper Edition that is inevitably coming but as a counterpoint, Juri.


I'll miss EdgyDudeReplySectiontoid. End of an era.


I'm confused. I thought Sony was showing off video games today, not a collection of short films?


"E3" Season has begun. The Playstation Showcase tonight and Marvelous has a stream tomorrow at 3:00 PM PT. We'll probably get something from the rest of the usual suspects in the coming weeks/month.


If Dave Bautista has to play someone in the new DCU films it should be Lex Luthor. I will die on this hill.


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