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Friendly reminder that it's already April 1st in Japan.


Man I'm gonna miss E3. I know the big studios will just do their own streams around the same time anyway, but it will never quite be the same, y'know?


Grasshopper started a 72 day countdown to their 25th Anniversary. And I guess this is how I learn they've been around for 25 years. Fingers crossed I finally get that Shadows of the Damned remake/remaster.


Welp. Guess I love Paranormasight.


The TMNT Last Ronin game has me thinking, what story arcs/AUs from comics would be good inspirations for games? I personally want a Spider-Man: Spider Island inspired game. I think a Spidey game where the criminals also have similar abilities would be rad


TMNT is getting a game based on the Last Ronin story. Pretty sure I manifested this into reality as I've been asking for this since I heard of that comic's existence. Bit concerned about a AAA TMNT game in the current industry but trying to stay positive.


Heads up, The Criterion Collection is having a 24-hour 50% off sale on their site. Still has over 23 hours to go.


Please accept this near hour and a half long documentary about Gorillaz - Plastic Beach.


My wallet is not a fan of all these positive Bayonetta Origins reviews.


Prepared for the film industry to do their best to copy A24 for the next few years.


I feel like Exoprimal should be appealing in the same way Earth Defense Force is but is ruined by being a GaaS. Also EDF is dumb in an endearing way, Exoprimal looks dumb in an over focus-tested way.


All I need from the Capcom stream is confirmation that stuff like the Boktai crossover content is in the Battle Network collection. Anything else is gravy.


Happy International Women's Day! Dropped a (wildly incomplete) collection of things created by women in the comments to celebrate. Feel free to add to the pile if you want and please consider checking some of this stuff out. EDIT: BUMP


Bayonetta Origins has a demo on the Switch eshop.


Okay. This is looking pretty solid.


Starting to think the reputation Rocksteady has is really undeserved.


I was going to post a State of Play prediction but I genuinely am not expecting much from this. Anything worth showing off will be saved for something like E3 or TGS. And honestly Sony's been pretty lame this gen for my taste. Hope I'm wrong tho.


Tried that Peeps flavored Pepsi. Pepsi Co are really scraping the bottom of the barrel lately. Doesn't help they switch from sugar to HFCS without reformulating their recipes so everything tastes off. Pic unrelated (or is it?!?!?)


So that Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line...it's good. I really miss the stylus gameplay from the 3DS and I think some of the button prompts suck (also the action is too busy and sometimes fucks me up) but it's fun. Still think the 1st game was the best one.


I want a game like What the Golf? but for fishing. And no, I don't know what I mean by that either.


You're welcome.


We should have an Untitled Goose sequel by now.


TIL the Justice League cartoon was almost much, much different.


Btw what's up with Nintendo only giving people like two weeks to preorder the physical version of Metroid Prime?


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