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Very much looking forward to PS5 devs moving past gimmicky resistive trigger implementations, just like what happened w/ PS3 sixaxis & PS4/Vita touchpads. Who the hell wants to play a shooter where it's harder to shoot the gun? It's glorified latency lol


#striptoid did I do that right or have I just used a NSFW tag?? Lol


Strongly recommend everyone check out the first segment of the latest DF Direct, focusing on the RTX 40 Series announcement. Really insightful for the future of both PC and console hardware (good and bad)


Tried Deathloop (FOMO strikes again) annnd yup. This is certainly a roguelike/lite/whatever lol. I still have faith I'll finally play one of these that actually feels rewarding, but this ain't it. Cool concept tho! Pretty game, too


Question: what are some of best integrations of motion or touch controls into traditional games? Ie: not "gimmick games" (like Wii Sports) and not full fledged titles built around them (like Half Life Alyx)


This news has naturally started some very rational discourse from folks who are very clearly informed on how game development and file compression works /s


Rewatching Walking Dead ahead of the final season and I just got back to this scene. I am still searching for the co-op zombie survival game that can give me this exact feeling 😔


Seeing this rumor picked up by a few credible folks I respect on the bird app. If real, it's unclear if this will come alongside a "slim" revision, given the difficulties of shrinking modern hardware w/o increasing production costs. Link below


So the Rockstar hacker is claiming they have an early build of GTA6, not just media of the game that was taken from the employee Slack channel 😬


So I discovered a new guilty pleasure: Immortals Fenyx Rising. Is this the most egregious knock off game I've seen from a major publisher in at least a decade? Yes, even more so than Fortnite BR lol. Am I still enjoying it as a BotW clone? Also yes.


Yikes. People have invested hundreds of dollars into PSVR1 software and none of it will be compatible with its successor. How does Sony expect consumers to adopt VR2 when that library could be killed again for some future iteration?


Trying to think of a more embarassing PR gaffe than cancelling a near complete, previously promised gameplay mode in order to focus on making paid cat ear cosmetics faster and I... just can't. Suggestions?


After beating Miles Morales and TLOU Pt 1, then trying Days Gone for the first time, it is not at all surprising to me that Sony didn't greenlight a sequel. This is quite a ways below what I expect out of modern Sony 1st party titles


Welp. The Ragnarok trailer was fucking excellent. I'm fully on the hype train. If there was ever a doubt, I'll be a day one purchase for sure. Very glad I got me a PS5 now =)


While Infinite has been a trainwreck, MCC's support over the past 3-4 years has been pretty incredible. Trying not to get my hopes up here, but this seems like a potentially smart change


For those who've played it, what's your take on A Plague Tale? It's leaving XGP so I'm playing it now and I'm on the fence about it. There's a couple things that are genuinely interesting/unique, but as a whole it just kinda seems okayish so far?


The Insider Alpha for the next Xbox UI revision is live. Reading replies I once again find myself incredibly grateful that the Wallpaper Brigade and Blade Nostalgists aren't in control of the Xbox software team lol


Wouldn't put too much stock in this until it's explicitly confirmed, but if this does means active development on new GTA V Online content has concluded, it could indicate Rockstar is shifting focus to GTA VI. Again, grains of salt ofc


So far the only part of TLOU1 I haven't enjoyed is the bit where you play as Ellie. All of your progression through that point is thrown out and you lose the ability to engage in hand to hand combat. I hate when games do this sort of stuff...


Wow cool tweet! You know what would be even cooler than this tweet? Being able to buy or play this game or its remake on any currently supported gaming platform!


Man. I've watched or played the intro to TLOU1 a handful of times now, and I still cry. Every. Damn. Time. I am morbidly excited to finally finish a full playthrough of this game.


I hope this finally puts the bad faith narratives about this game to rest. Criticisms of the price are fully fair, but claims that this is anything short of a full remake is just objectively untrue, as was clear from jump to anyone paying attention


So I tried Returnal. Pros: I am fully sold on the adaptive triggers. The dream of the Gamecube controller has finally been realized. Cons: no matter how many rougelike/lites I try, dying and losing all my progress never gets any less soul crushing =(


Spent about $200 to ensure I will never need to worry about storage for my PS5 ever again. Worth it! Lol


Hot take: God of War 2018 is the most polished, effective combination of storytelling, art design, gameplay mechanics, and level design in a video game. No other game has ever done all of these things so well at the same time.


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