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I told myself I wasn't going to play more Vampire Survivors tonight. In a shocking twist of events, I'm playing more Vampire Survivors.


Oof! That was heart breaking. Made it to 29:31 in Vampire Survivors and was overcome right at the end. That final minute is insane!


Bumping my orks up to 1000 points, realized I still needed another nob for tomorrow morning, so Whipped this guy up last night and finished over lunch today.


Anyone else feeling listless in their gaming while waiting for Elden Ring? Trying not to get invested deeply into any "big" games, so dug back into Nuclear Throne, and got an achievement I had been hunting for a while. Now to check out Vampire Survivors.


Bolstering my ork crusade list. I love how crazy these dragsters are - they can teleport around the battlefield (at risk of damaging the vehicle in the process) while using a warp powered rifle that tears a hole in reality where it hits.


This is ridiculous and I love it.


I am incredibly surprised to find that I'm not really having a good time with Metroid Dread. The EMMI sections are just unfun, and I'm not sure I'm going to keep going on this one.


Checking out another store near me for some gaming opportunities with a new 40k Crusade campaign. Starting 500 points and building from there. Should be fun! Apologies for the shit tier quality of my force's pic.


Careful with those sex toys everyone. They might cost you all your NFTs.


We stopped to visit my mom last night since we didn't get the chance on Christmas morning. Now to experience all the excitement everyone else has been having with Dread.


The first model to test my color scheme. I'm pretty happy with it!


Just a few more Goliath punks, and now I move on to the space puritans of the Sisters of Battle. Working on finding the perfect purple power armor is my new goal.


Got my login woes sorted out (luckily my old phone still had the token on it) and downloading the patches to XIV since I played last. I paid up through Stormblood previously so can hold off on the expansion for a bit yet. Very excited to jump back in!


Well you did it. I've just gone to reactivate my XIV account, then realized I changed phones since I played last, leaving me unable to get in, so now had to open up a ticket. Is their customer service pretty good?


Finishing the Christmas shopping by taking the kids to pick things out for their mom. Wish me luck.


The first three survivors painted for Zombicide. After a test game with the kids, they've been asking every day to play more!


Oh crap, the local gaming store is 20% off storewide, time to make some bad decisions.


I think this will be a good day to finally dig in and teach myself the 9th edition 40k rules with a test game. The only actual gaming I've done in the last year has been with Age of Sigmar.


Not sure if this will be readable when posting. Was not expecting Oblivion to be my most played, figured Dark Souls or Halo 2 had that locked down.


Hope you're all having a good Sunday, I'm wrapped up at an all day soccer tournament down near Philly.


And now for something a little different, broke out some Necromunda models, so I can at least get the boxed starter game painted up. I also discovered that I'm not a fan of GW's orange paints.


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