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Don't get caught with your pants down, guys. Hope everyone has a good week!


Finally got around to seeing Sonic the Hedgehog with some friends today. We live in a world that can create fun & competent video game movies now, and I'm totally okay with that


DMC3SE Bloody Palace co-op? Let's Rock!


I recently decided to finally sit down and start Turn A Gundam, in honour of the late, great Syd Mead. As the episodes went on, my initial scepticism quickly became wonder. I could talk about it for hours. A must watch, and now one of my favourite shows.


After several months on and off building, this big boi is finally finished. I've never been more satisfied with a build tbh. 1/48 scale is a dream to work with!


It's 10pm Sunday night. I just finished a 5 day stint at work, topped off with two 9 hour shifts over the weekend. I really should get some rest...but Beat Saber got 3 new tracks the other day and I haven't touched them yet. Let's do this!


Really looking forward to getting home, curling up on the sofa, and getting lost in DB: Kakarot later. There's something real cosy about that game for me.


I applied waterslide decals to a gunpla for the first time today and it wasn't the huge disaster I thought it was gonna' be.


Hi all. Long time lurker, first time poster. I've been browsing since ⁓2017 on my lunch breaks at work, but never jumped in and made an account. I thought it was about time I rectified that and said hello. Gundam, rhythm, and fighting games are my jam!


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I play video games and stuff.

More specifically, rhythm & fighting games...but I'll play just about anything if I think it sounds good, looks fun, and plays well.

Favourite series include Dead or Alive, Street Fighter, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Project Diva, Beat Saber, Devil May Cry, Sonic, and Mega Man X. I'll probably add/remove titles here as I remember/forget them.

Gundam addict since 2017. Peace!