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Frets on Fire Goes MP: GH3/Drums Mods

The open source Frets on Fire has finally gathered enough of a following for users to continue making songs; while others go for something more ambitious. The above is an old version of one of what still is one of the most advanced modifi...


Assassins Creed: Altair's Chronicles First Impressions

Well, having bought this game today and having a good 3-4 solid hours with it, I can say that so far its very well done. Also proof for the HATERRRRS: Anyway, it's definitely a must-rent. It loyally recreates the battle system from the o...


Guitar Hero 2: Still King?

Long ago, a young boy had gotten a PlayStation 2 game system. Upon getting it, he played and played every game he could get his hands on, until he saw one called "Guitar Hero." His mother simply said "No," after seeing the price tag of $100...



Not really. Seriously though guys, LETS SPAM THE CBLOGS WOOOOOOOOO. Also, in before 'YOURE NOT HELPING ASSHOLE.' Also also, if this delays the movie I'll be pissed. Also also also, cocks.


GH2 defeated 100% by the internet: JORDAN FC'd Expert

The internet has finally become the nerd central of the fucking world; as of today, Guitar Hero 2 has been conquered 100%. Every achievement unlocked, and every note hit. TODAY, IS A DAY THAT SHALL GO DOWN IN HISTORY... For today, HellAshes...


Epic Setlist = Also, Cawk Band with IRCToid

The most epic thing to ever grace Rock Band has just ended; the first setlist by a full band of IRCToiders (aka, IRCers from DToid, DUH). The band composed of me on guitar, PraiseChaos at vocals, Endo40k abusing his index finger via bass, a...


Super Smash Bros.: NES; world comes to end.

While waiting for Smash Bros. Brawl, some of us have become a little antsy. Of course, some, more then others. Drewdelz, a member of the long running Zelda Fan Game Central, has been working on a NES style Smash Bros. game for what appears ...


Death: My Anti-Wii; Also, Wii Phone?

Kid dies after winning a Wii at a hockey game's raffle. Possibly of excitement. This is irony at its finest.. Source Also, rumor has it Nintendo is looking as the possibility of a Wii Phone. If this is true, I can't wait to have motion c...


SDF is at it again.. Lawdy lawdy lawdy..

Famous fanboys of the PSTriplez, Sony Defense Force are at it again, this time 'reviewing' Mass Effect, for mass lulz: graphics = god awful frame rate = awful shooting = god awful noise filter = makes me want to kill someo...


GH3 to get more FREE DLC?!

Well, sorta. Only the 360 version will get this bad boy: Tomorrow, Thanksgiving, here in the US, 360 owners will be able to download an exclusive song to commemorate the special day. In this case, Its the Halo MJOLNIR Mix, from Halo 2. Y'kn...



Since everyone liked Fonts Ahoy, gaming, I figured I'd do some ones that are nice for designs (Aka FUCK I HAVE NO PHOTOSHOP FONTS). http://www.dafont.com/broken-ghost.font http://www.dafont.com/bleeding-cowboys.font http://www.dafont.c...


Fonts Ahoy: Gaming Fonts For Gaming Nerds

It's a slow news day, so I figured I'd throw together a bunch of fonts related to gaming in some way or another, that you guys might like. http://www.dafont.com/mariobros.font http://www.dafont.com/triforce.font http://www.dafont.com/h...


ZServ sucks: SMG Edition

You can ask anyone in the chatroom I've talked to recently, I've been very very iffish on Super Mario Galaxy, and the way it played. After getting used to the camera, I felt something was missing from the game. After making my way to the Fo...


;_; sad ZServ is sad

Destructoid, I know you really dont care that much. I know i shouldnt put this in here. But I dont care. My dog has been sick for like a week, and we had him put down tonight. I helped dig his grave, and hes lying in it, in a blanket now; c...


Overlooked, or just forgotten?

There are many great games today that are overlooked by the general public. Games that are the type to leave an impression on your childhood; moral teaching games. However, it is to often that the public overlooks these games and opts for g...


A Game To Forget: Final Fantasy 7

I'm not gonna try to sugarcoat what I'm about to say. I dont care if I offend you by stating the total obvious right now: Final Fantasy 7 sucks. It's a horrible game. There's no arguing it. It's just bad. Lets break it down: Graphics: 4/10...


A Series In Review: Halo

Well, this is the first of (hopefully) a series that will review a series of games; to see what was good, what was bad, and what made people raise their eyebrow in curiousity. Halo: Combat Evolved was a launch title for Microsoft's XBox, a...


The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

With Phantom Hourglass being released in Hong Kong yesterday, the rom has already invaded the universe. Now, with my awesome super 1337 R4 powers, i bring you loyal fans some gifts. Aka screenshots. I took these for Hyrule.net, another foru...


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