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As a Cyberpunk fan, of course I loved Edgerunners! My wife: I think I kind of hate Rebecca. Me: But she's the best character...


Went to the semi-local shop last night with my wife and we picked these up. I've wanted Blood Rage for a long time. My wife picked up Dead Men Tell No Tales. And we've got a game night lined up either this coming weekend or next!


I woke up today with a message by my friend Tabby telling me that she had some really bad news. A friend of ours passed away suddenly and unexpectedly today early in the morning. I'm still kind of in shock about it. He was only 31. (More below)


I love these videos! So happy to see more for Destiny too, with it's crazy ass magic/alien weaponry.


Haven't posted any music in a while for the few who bother to listen to stuff I share. So this one is for you. Possibly my favorite song of 2021.


Destiny is finally getting in-game LFG? And a proper guiding system for new/returning players to not feel completely overwhelmed? The game's two biggest issues are being addressed and that's just beautiful. Lightfall sounds amazing.


I know it probably means nothing to most here. But it's Raid Race day in Destiny 2! I love watching these things with my browser split between multiple Twitch streams to see who gets world first. King's Fall is back!


I tried Velma, liked her. I tried Harley, loved her. But as the old saying goes for fighting games - you don't pick your main. Your main picks you. And it seems Taz and I were destined together the entire time. I most closely relate to him anyway.


Today would have been my father's 64th birthday. It still seems unreal. I think he'd be proud of who I've been becoming over the past year. But it still feels like so much has turned upside down since he passed away. This is for him, one of our favorites.


I've been training pretty hard in Multiversus when not working. Improved significantly I think. Met a streamer/tournament player who mains Harley and we discussed some tech. That helped a LOT. Also decided to pick up Guilty Gear Strive.


Hot damn I'm enjoying the hell out of Multiversus. Being a huge Scooby fan I of course had to unlock Shaggy and Velma today. Velma is best girl too, so I think I'll just main her.


I come bearing gifts. For you, I present Bardcore. Have an Iron Maiden cover!


#ThrowbackThursday! Vader dropped this one on the world over 10 years ago. One of the single most badass openings to a death metal song in history. Still to be topped, in my opinion.


To follow Mike up, I've also been feeling nerdy. Cannot wait to get this up and running. I need some terrain first though. Too broke to buy it, so I gotta make it, I guess.


This Eastward game on Switch seems pretty cool. I feel like people talked about this and I just missed it. Is that the case? In a little bit of a funk regardless, just figured I'd post something about a video game to maybe take my mind off things.


Damn, this new Megadeth is a straight banger. Love the inclusion of Ice T too, great stuff.


Time to revisit a classic, one of my favorite leading riffs period. This one is a true tour de force of classic thrash metal.


While bored I decided to go back and play Red Dead Online again. It's been super fun, largely just doing bounty hunting, but plenty of just exploring too. I wish Rockstar had supported this thing more like how they did GTA Online though.


EDIT: I had posted the demo version of this song, but it wouldn't link. So uh, here's the original, screw it. I miss Agalloch and just wanted to share one of my favorite chill out songs.


I finally completed a deck I've been working on for well, years in Magic today. I've been trying to make a Horror (the creature type) tribal deck for a while now. It was originally 60-card, now it's Commander. I even get to run my favorite card!


Destiny wrapped up the Season of the Haunted storyline this week. I know a lot of people can't get into this game, but it's story and lore has been jaw droppingly amazing as of late. I'll go into more detail down below for character length reasons.


So I decided to reroll my redheaded stepchild Destiny character, my Warlock. I had NO idea that the new player experience is a retelling of the beginning of Destiny 1 now, with a nice modern twist/tie in at the end. That's so cool! Nostalgia! Khvostov!


I'm late, because my household has been being bodyslammed by Covid...but how about that Puppet Combo Direct! I was absolutely delighted!


#throwbackthursday! This track still absolutely shreds. That leading riff gets stuck in my head CONSTANTLY! Fucking tasty! Mind blowing solo to boot.


So Season of the Haunted in Destiny 2 shows what the story intended to do with some of our sunset content/locations. The Leviathan came back as a new patrol location with the seasonal activity in it. It's actually pretty neat. Been a long time.


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