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So I decided to reroll my redheaded stepchild Destiny character, my Warlock. I had NO idea that the new player experience is a retelling of the beginning of Destiny 1 now, with a nice modern twist/tie in at the end. That's so cool! Nostalgia! Khvostov!


I'm late, because my household has been being bodyslammed by Covid...but how about that Puppet Combo Direct! I was absolutely delighted!


#throwbackthursday! This track still absolutely shreds. That leading riff gets stuck in my head CONSTANTLY! Fucking tasty! Mind blowing solo to boot.


So Season of the Haunted in Destiny 2 shows what the story intended to do with some of our sunset content/locations. The Leviathan came back as a new patrol location with the seasonal activity in it. It's actually pretty neat. Been a long time.


Throwback Thursday! Going all the way back to 2002, seeing these guys live changed my entire perspective of music. They quickly became my favorite band, and still are to this day. They single-handedly exposed me to the Swedish metal scene AND Melodeath!


We got in this little Papa Emeritus at work and I had to buy it immediately. Now it's hanging on my wall for all to see.


Did some serious figure hunting this week. Found a lot of stuff I've been looking for!


I've finally overcome a writer's block that felt like it's now lasted over a solid year. I wrote over three pages this morning to a slasher novel I've had planned for quite a while now. Feels great!


After a few days with Evil Dead: The Game I can safely say that this game kicks ass! I'm so happy it turned out well, and it's just an absolute blast to play with friends.


I'm so freaking excited for this! It's only 3-4 hours away now!


Had a rough one last night. To be completely honest wasn't sure which direction I was going to come out from. Times like these I just want to stop and thank those of you who still interact with me and make the passing days a bit easier. Thank you.


Still my favorite "modern" video game soundtrack piece. So fucking good.


Fucking plastic hinge on my laptop broke today. And is now held together with bright yellow duct tape...because it's all I had on hand. It's working for now, I guess.




While I was at work yesterday my wife took our son, Jace to see his first live music act for a Record Store Day celebration. Our friend Cameron's band was his first concert and he's hooked. If you're a live music fan, what was YOUR first concert?


I watched The Northman with my wife last night. We both came away quite impressed. Both of us are heavily into vikings and Nordic culture and mythology. It delivered. If you're also into these things, I'd highly recommend it. Great cinematography too!


I said I wasn't going to start collecting vinyl. But...here we are. That Record Store Day Opeth got me.


Bored and kind of feeling lousy mentally. So AMA! Let's entertain one another! Sorry, I had a busy day and just now got back to this. Feel free to continue AMA!


Damn, I miss these guys. Deadsy was such a strange, surreal band, and they had some of my absolute favorite live shows of my teens. Anyone even remember these guys around here? This track is still killer to me.


Well, my new Elden Ring build is solid. Destroyed Melania on the first attempt with it. Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear and Fingerprint Stone Shield are stupidly broken together. This might be the single best "easy mode" build in the game, honestly.


I can't even remember the last time I've been THIS excited for an album release. This can't get here fast enough. The infusion of classic era In Flames with Dark Tranquillity is something I've dreamed of for a LONG time.


It's Friday. Here's this. My gift to you all. Enjoy! Just a little tribute to the best NPC in Elden Ring.


Throwback Thursday time. Going back to a time when In Flames was a melodic death metal band, and back when I was in the best shape of my life, and a lot more optimistic about life in general. This one is still an absolute banger!


It's finally time! Vaati has started to really dig into the Elden Ring lore! I've been waiting for his videos, they always make me appreciate the FS games just THAT much more. And as expected, ER is an absolute goldmine of lore and awesome stories.


Despite kind of honestly hating Borderlands 3...I went against my initial judgement and decided to give Tiny Tina's Wonderlands a shot due to it's setting. And...I actually really like it! I am so far liking this a LOT more than BL3.


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