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What I've been up to. More in the comments.


You know when you've taken retro collecting too far? When you start trying to collect CPS2 B Boards.


Keeping the Sega shooter train rolling. Just beat this tonight on the Master System via a Power Base Converter.


Oh. Music-toid is a thing? Okay then.


*Has had Persona 5 since launch.* *Will probably never complete it thanks a recent obsession with collecting Sega Genesis games.*


Just sniped myself a Switch on Amazon. There's a Google Group you can sign up for that gives you an insta-mail when stock shows up anywhere. Plus, buying Nintendo stock might have just made me like over two thousand bucks. So that's coo.


Soul Reaver has so much bonus content you can completely miss. Like, entire dungeons are hidden away. Glad I'm playing the original again and looking forward to actually playing the rest of the Legacy of Kain series. Dat acting and music, son.


Trying to sell some gaming art on behalf of a friend that's not confident enough in her work to charge for it. It's hand painted so I'm trying to figure out what this would be worth and where to put it up for sale.


2017 I will be paid to like, design robot and game software. I still work at the same company where I was just the Sales Manager. 2017, you crazy.


No, Youtube. I'm not an MRA. It's been three years and a million thumbs downs and not interested clicks. Liking video games != hating feminists and loving small minded politics. Stahp.


I see your Duct Tape and raise you an Air Duct tutorial video.




Am I doing it right?




Obscure challenge: Best portable Tony Hawk games. I've only ever played American Sk8land on DS.


Dead Rising 2 is the ultimate weapontoid.


Smashed car. Shelling out cash to bail out friends. Putting up flyers everywhere to find the lost family pet. These have not been the best last couple of weeks. This was supposed to be the month I put something cool in my garage and everything was awesome


When you watch Slayers for the nostalgia factor and realize fantasy settings in anime have been relegated to nothing more than a backdrop for Sword Art Online and other gamer wankery.


Beat Mighty No. 9 last night. Any and all flaws aside, it's fun. Play it with Japanese audio, though.


So a word of advice in regards to the white males thing. Video game politics are largely a pointless endeavor based on perception and grudges. Statistically you're all on a sinking boat. If you're gonna argue, get into factual politics or STFUJPG.


Having played most of the stages, Mighty No. 9's difficulty is absolutely unremarkable in the realm of Mega Man. Not even in the top 5. If this is all it takes to make people cry foul Mega Man should have just stayed dead.


Don't worry, Britain. In a four months America might pull off a move so stupid that everyone will forget what happened today.


One thing to appreciate about Mighty No. 9's design. The weakness weapons are useful across the entire stage now. Not just against the boss. What's more, the corresponding boss whose power is good in that level will assist you if you have that power.


Mighty No. 9 first impressions. Stages are too long and too easy. The boss designs, boss fights, and weapons are arguably more interesting and fun than 80% of Mega Man. Needs a sequel with better stage design. Pro-tip, turn on Japanese audio.


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