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All week I have slept relatively well, woke up early and had energy. It's all very strange and I'm not entirely sure how I accomplished it. Might be pruning Twitter out of my life helped a lot.


Apparently there will be a Friday the 13th, a solar eclipse, and a blood moon lunar eclipse this month. When the last occurs, all monsters will respawn and abandoned items in the world will be purged from system memory. Spookiest October.


Sitting here wondering why the hell Gran Turismo needed a movie. Like, that's on the very bottom of "Playstation game" adaptations list. Like, below Patapon and the Badman games. Below Syphon Filter and Kinetica. Hell, Kenetica actually bears explai


Still alive, just work devouring my free time. So much I'm still in act 1 of BG3. So far my proudest moments are using a cat familiar to lure enemies to a powder keg, stealing Shadowheart's underwear and kissing Karlach.


I've been playing more Guile lately. He's gone from revenge-obsessed to a rigid, coffee-guzzling dad. One who fears upsetting his daughter. Hopefully he listens to classic and not modern country. Also Laura and Sean are to his right.


All hail Glorbo. Let us journey to the island of Zoop and prepare for his arrival.


Also made a cohost if you need to find me. Also, while I'll maintain the Whispering Willow name here, you can call me Ripley or Elswyth, though. Co-host is https://cohost.org/RipleyNyx


Actually did make this connection watching the trailer. Some of the minor characters in the Mario movie also had more of that design sensibility


I think I could have done without the Dall-e/Midjourney shit in the Secret Invasion intro. Like, really? You got whole animation studios under the Disney umbrella that could do better. Marvel hasn't had a problem with intros or credit sequences before.


There are 35th anniversary Final Fantasy interviews dropping with Kitase and *Sakaguchi* taking about devs within SE wanting an FFVI remake in proximity to this Nintendo Direct. Take that for what you will.


Finished Tears of the Kingdom. Had a blast all thd way through (except maybe the Fire Temple). Got a smidge better at SF6 over the weekend. Also got some Diablo tarot cards. Maybe the best game licensed deck out there, but the cards are too damn big.


Despite everything, I decided to give Diablo IV a try and also fiddled with getting it onto Steam Deck. Made a barbarian lady. Image is fuzzy because I had to screencast the screenshot to upload it to Steam.


Took our Capcom questions as a set for this reading. Will we see Megaman Legends anything or a return to some PS1 and Dreamcast era classics? Let’s find out!


EtosiGiR asks" "Any chance we are getting Perfect Dark in any form?"


Didn't have time, energy or attention span to get the Xbox/PC tarot questions done for an FP post today, so I'll do some QPs. Boxman214 asks: "Will someone announce that they've snatched up the rights and are developing a new game of Crimson Skies?"


Settled on this Mayflash arcade stick. Arrives tomorrow


Working on some tarot predictions since I have some Xbox-ish and indie/PC questions left. I have room for two or three Capcom questions, so ask away!


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