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A real controversy for for Aloy. Come to think of it, Other M aside, Nintendo doesn't really break out a warchest for marketing public perception of Samus like this. Then again, it never feels like a chore to be Samus, either.


Mando Season 3 Episode 3 was very, well, in the direction of Book of Boba Fett sorts of meandering. Episode was a nice recovery, especially the guest star this episode.


Probably going to get a bigger head start on E3 tarot readings by taking questions in the next few weeks. I will not accept F-Zero questions this year.


Amano Tarot deck also came in today. Definitely legit. This was a 1997 version. Book certainly smells the age and the card stock is good, very glossy, but not modern good. There were also tea cup markings on the box.


Okay, I did cave and get a couple more decks. I'm a sucker for Abigail Larson's stuff, so this pairs nicely with her Dark Wood Tarot deck. Think she did The Nightmare Before Christmas one, too.


Sorry, we had to ban this guy from the RE4 comments.


Not making the smartest money choices of late. Bayonetta Origins and the rarely sighted Yoshitaka Amano Tarot are probably my last big buys before Tears of the Kingdom. REm4ke can wait, as I'm still backlogged on modern RE.


Spent part of the last few days making a very ugly "Deck of Sixty" for more authentic Astrologian fortune-telling in FFXIV. Just pulling from abilities in town is dull because some of it is combat-restricted. Also SE won't make a proper deck.


Rachel Pollack is passing away soon. You might know her work though DC's Metal Men in the 90s, but she was a also a tarot guru and wrote "78 Degrees of Wisdom" among 41 other books, including a bit of award-winning fiction.


Yep. Gonna stick with smug Galadriel. Had enough of the other three situations.


Doing better, just slightly annoyed by all the phone tag that still isn't finished in wrapping up my mom's affairs. Apparently she didn't leave a will. So that will continue when I return to work. Great.


Dealing with family stuff. Won't unload it all here. Cards just telling me what I already knew.


Finished Prime. Nintendo is off a solid start this year. As remasters and remakes go, this and Dead Space look like they're in this to maintain their prestige. Best of luck to RE4.


The rules of Tekken always feel more loose than most. They let chainsaws, guns, robots, demons, bears and tigers in. And I'm never clear on how it's a tournament.


Sega should remake or re-release ChuChu Rocket. Until then, I guess this Humanity game will do.


An exciting showing of upcoming Capcom games you already knew about!


My copy of Prime just arrived. When I saw where it went up late for purchase, I went with Best Buy. Seemed like the right call.


Catching up Andor. This is Les Misérables/The Fugitive in a gaklxy far, far away, isn't it?


Picard Season 3, Episode 1 was excellent. There is an uncomfortable part in it for me, but you also can't expect someone that hates jazz to be a good person.


As a pagan who falls between eclectic and reconstructionist, if you were genuinely wanted to name a trans character after a goddess of healing and chose "Sirona" then you chose it over several other spellings and dozens of other goddesses of healing.


Horizon Forbidden West still has the original's problem of not making traversal simply fun. The new glider has extreme drag and expanding your Override options for mounts is very tedious, to the point I'll just keep using the robodeer or whatever it is.


All that money spent on Steam Deck and PS5 and this is probably the first game I'll finish this year.


The big problem I have with the lack of crediting in Metroid Prime Remastered is this game is a masterclass in game design. It is still influencing a great deal of what is played right now. Those original devs deserve recognition.


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