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Welcome to Metro City. This is the pavement. You'll be seeing a lot of it.


I think I need an arcade stick for SF6. Any recommendations? Best Buy and Gamestop had nothing :/ They acted like the idea was a foreign concept.


Had a blast with SF6 last night! Lost a bunch. But learned a fair bit about Manon. Had a great number of fights with a Jamie player, who I also want to learn. Also JP is a bastard.


Looking forward to trying Manon this Friday. Still would like Rose in SF6, but Jamie, Kimberly, Chun Li and Guile felt cozy enough to patiently wait for her to turn up. I'd play Ken, but I'm cutting back on cheese.


Wow, Mario and D&D wasted no time jumping from theaters to steaming. D&D on Paramount. Guess both made their money. Still think D&D was the better movie overall. Quantumania finally arrives tomorrow.


Didn't watch the FFXIV live letter yesterday because Zelda. YoshiP played Zelda during the stream while others were presenting.


I was curious what data transferred from BotW to TotK and so far the answer seems to be my horses. Still had to grab and bribe one to go find a stable. I named her Neighomi.


Okay, working on the PC/third party tarot readings. Gonna collect Playstation questions for readings now. Lay them on me. (Bump before Zelda makes people forget Playstation exists briefly)


The Old Hunter's Tarot is sitting in my mailbox. I'm stuck at work :(


They stalled to have this arrive today on purpose, didn't they?


Opening my queue for summer stream tarot questions for predictions, but for this post I want to start with third party/PC games. If you want me to use a particular deck I've shown off before, you can request it. (2nd bump)


I have found the 4-1 shortcut in Demon's Souls. Pretty glad they went with more interconnected levels from Dark Souls onward and never did world tendency again. Going all the way around with Black World tendency sucks.


Saw Mario. It was okay but very, very low attention span in the first half. Second half was pretty entertaining, but I think I liked D&D much, much more. I will let Mario slide but Zelda and Metroid cannot pan out like this. OST was a missed opportunity.


Good morning. Here is Yoshitaka Amano drawing Cuphead characters.


Back on Demon's Souls. Working on a mage build and got a Crescent Falichon. A crow asked for a shiny, sparkly thing and I gave it my gold telescope.


Saw Dungeons & Dragons. It was a great time and, just like Vox Machina, genuinely felt like it was spun out of a tabketop campaign. Meaning, it took the world of D&D and tossed out half the rules.


I know it's not happening, but I want Armus to be the Season 3 big bad in Picard.


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