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Yo to all you Handeggtoid players! I changed the draft day and time due to a scheduling conflict with PAX. If there are any issues with the date or time let me know in the discord so we can figure it out. It's set now for the 3rd @ 6 PM EST


Destructoid fantasy football season 2 is going to be kicking off in the next month or two. We could use a couple more teams. If you are interested leave a response and I'll get back to you. CJ won last season, and Wes won the prize for worst. Bump


I love Gravity Rush 2, I hate Gravity Rush 2, I love Gravity Rush 2, I hate Gravity Rush 2, I love Gravity Rush 2, I hate Gravity Rush 2, so and and so forth. I've never played such a great game that pissed me off so much!!!!


The league has been reactivated. If you wanna play this year PM me.


Just finished BR 2049 again, and it's strange to watch it a second time after everything that happened with Star Wars VIII. I wish a SWVIII level of discussion took place while BR was still in theaters. I hope 2049 doesn't fade away into obscurity.


Love it or hate it the fact that TLJ isn't an instant slam dunk with long time fans and casuals makes me think more of the prequels and less of the OT. That is damaging to the brand. Sunday is almost here!


Why is Poppi so fuckin' adorable?!?!?


Has anyone played the beta for UFC3? I read a blog today that describes the loot box system in the game and it sounds so bad that I just can't believe it. I'm curious if this report is true or if people are just piling on. Link in comments.


There are very detailed and very real sounding leaks about FFVII Episode 1 out there. It sounds weird to warn of spoilers for a remake, but from what I read there is a lot more in the game that isn't in the original.


So many moons to find ... I can't stop.


I know that everyone else is gushing about SMO, and I see no reason to do anything differently. It's pretty good so far, and more importantly it's fun.


The casino games in V3 are pissing me off so much! I've had way too many mean version runs of Outlaw Run ruined but unavoidable obstacles.


Blade Runner 2049 was absolutely amazing. My wife thought it was a bit too long, but I enjoyed nearly every second. Go see it everyone.


Ran into a strange graphical bug in Danganronpa V3 for the Vita. I took a break during a trial intermission and when I started the game back up all the graphics were gone. The text was still there, but everything else was gone. Had to start over.


Blade Runner 2049 is sitting at 98% fresh with 40+ reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Get hype.


Buying a couple nice Sega CD games off Craigslist today for a pretty decent price. Hopefully I don't get stood up again!


All chores and errands are done for the day and now the plan is to get drunk and play my first ever Yakuza game (Yakuza 4). What am I in for?


Me and the wife both played hooky today and are having a gaming day! She's playing some Breath of the Wild on the big TV and I'm playing No More Heroes on the PS3 on our little Gaems screen. Also got Y's VIII loaded up and ready to go!


I was expecting a throwaway, cheap ass, jump scare laden shitfest when I went to see IT. It wasn't any of those things. It was really good.


Is Wipeout usually this hard, or do I suck at it this much?


The Handeggtoid draft went pretty well with 8 of the 10 teams participating. Most importantly everyone had fun. Not too shabby for a first year fantasy league.


45 minutes til it's draft time! We are in the final stretch! See you all there. here's the discord if you wanna hang out during it. https://discord.gg/CMVQ9Zc


We have one open spot in the football league if anyone wants to play. Leave a comment and PM me your email if you want to participate! Oh also here is the league Discord link again https://discord.gg/9e84tX


Friendly reminder that we have a Discord for the Dtoid fantasy football league. Come talk football (and probably a bunch of other shit) with us on Sundays! (or whenever) https://discord.gg/CMVQ9Zc


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