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Had to cancel tonight's stream. Something came up.


Never thought I'd see Virtua Fighter collab with KOF, but here we are.


I ran a poll on how to celebrate the 100th Episode of Virtua Fighter Takeover and the results may or may not surprise you. Clickbait post aside, time for another session of VF Takeover! https://twitch.tv/virtuakazama


The Ikedaya Incident took place on July 8, 1864 where the Shinsengumi invaded the Ikedaya Inn to take down the Shishi at Kyoto, Japan. It's time to go live with more Like a Dragon: Ishin! https://twitch.tv/virtuakazama


Thanks to The Super Mario Bros. Movie, I have that Peaches song stuck in my head.


Wave 4 DLC came out last month and I didn't get a chance to play it. On top of that, the Mario Movie came out yesterday as well. Let's play some Mario Kart 8 Deluxe tonight! https://twitch.tv/virtuakazama


Tonight on Virtua Fighter Takeover, we're not going to host any session. Instead, it's dedicated to watching and analyzing the previous VF5US tournament from EVO Japan 2023! https://twitch.tv/virtuakazama


Tonight on the 5th and final part of Virtua Fighter 30th Anniversary Livestream Retrospective, we talk about the VF5 era! If you want to learn about VF5 before EVO Japan 2023 tonight, I'd recommend tuning in! https://twitch.tv/virtuakazama


The Return of EVO Japan

Can you believe it has been three years since EVO Japan has been in a hiatus? EVO Japan is the Japanese edition of the EVO series that made its official debut on January 26-28, 2018. The lineup for EVO Japan is usually different from ...


For those not going to EVO Japan 2023 this weekend or haven't left yet, I'll use my stream for open VF5US lobbies. Come over to the 96th session of Virtua Fighter Takeover and let's level up together! https://twitch.tv/virtuakazama


Just announced today: After a four-year hiatus, VFR has announced the 18th Beat-Tribe Cup! The most prestigious Virtua Fighter 5v5 team tournament in Japan since 1994!


The Virtua Fighter 4 era brought a brand new attitude for the franchise during the early 2000s. Let's talk about it tonight on Part 4 of Virtua Fighter 30th Anniversary Livestream Retrospective! https://twitch.tv/virtuakazama


Tonight's session of Virtua Fighter Takeover is a do-over from the Virtua Fighter 30th Anniversary Stream last week. Here's hoping we can play VF3tb proper tonight! https://twitch.tv/virtuakazama


So I finished 2nd in VF5US. First time I actually made it to Grand Finals in a FGC tournament.


Virtua Fighter 3 is a game that set another standard in the 3D Fighting Game genre, but it came with some struggles. Let's talk about it on Part 3 of the Virtua Fighter 30th Anniversary Livestream! https://twitch.tv/virtuakazama


There's going to be a blog about EVO Japan 2023 which should be out in two weeks. If you don't know much about how different EVO Japan is compared to EVO here, this should keep you busy.


The VF2 Era of the Virtua Fighter 30th Anniversary Stream was arguably the hardest stream I've ever done. Let's talk about it on tonight's session of Virtua Fighter Takeover! https://twitch.tv/virtuakazama


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