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I was able to get the Gamecube to Wii U adapter working on the PC. This is going to be fun using Dolphin.


Tickets secured for TooManyGames 2023.


Only 50 away from hitting 1k followers on Twitch...


So I've checked out the number of entrants that registered in EVO Japan 2023 and the order from highest to lowest goes as follows: GG Strive, SF5, Tekken 7, Melty Blood, Granblue, VF5US/VFes, and KOF15.


...I meant to say Like a Dragon: Isshin, not Like a Dragon Kiwami. Although tbh, both games are remakes, so whatever.


I should pre-order Lika a Dragon: Kiwami at some point. Probably tomorrow.


Dick Grayson is going to need some serious therapy after that one investigation that nearly killed him... Also, there was Spy Hunter in this game! Either way, time for another session of Gotham Knights! https://twitch.tv/virtuakazama


Combo Breaker 2023 has a lot of games confirmed in the lineup. Hmm, should I go to Chicago for it? I mean VF5US is one of the main games there.


Yeah, I should definitely release that blog tomorrow. Some of the things I have listed already came out.


Bi-Weekly ended over the weekend, and I'm still processing on how fun the first VF5US Bi-Weekly of 2023 went. Let's talk about it on tonight's session of Virtua Fighter Takeover! https://twitch.tv/virtuakazama


Out of all the things I wasn't expecting to see, it would be the fact that Sylvie Paula Paula returns to KOF15.


Oh right, I forgot that I'm doing a project for Virtua Fighter's 30th Anniversary. And yes, there will be quizzes.


So yeah... Team Sweet is kicking our asses and I've YET to fight anyone from Team Sour. Let's hope the Splatfest Halftime is better because... We struggling over at Team Spicy! https://twitch.tv/virtuakazama


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