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current status: pining for the greatest game of all time


Current status:


Current status: toothache in my heel


Current status: narfing with the Garthok


Current status:


“And what's a substitute for bread and beans? I ain't seen it!” Hope y’all got collards and black eyed peas in! I always add in cornbread so I can walk around the house quoting Johnny Cash.


Current status: hey you, yes you.


BEHOLD! Secret Santa got me a shofar! It plays like a bugle, so I drove around town with the window down, blasting the shevarim! And I got minis, too! Merry Christmas everyone!


Current Status: Prince of the Universe


Current status: IT’S HAPPENING


Current status:


Current status:


My newest Night Dude, Mr. Alphonso Dominick Dreadnought III, Esquire. Certified Public Accountant. Likes: Heart of Darkness, flaying, Billy Ocean, Drakkar Noir, Funions, C. Thomas Howell


The age of Thanksgiving is over! Darkness and Decay and the Red Santa hold illimitable dominion over all.


Happy thanksgiving, don’t eat any experimental Turkey sandwiches and turn into a Turkey man with a thirst for weed laced blood! Just a suggestion.


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Happy birthday, Chris Moyse! May your day be fulfilling and as magical as a gnome turning into a tree.


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My name is Vesalius, King of Kings; Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!


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Started this guy last month but calling him done tonight, therefore he’s another Spooptober miracle. Behold: Khārîń thê Bëtråÿęr. I think I spelled that right.


Spooktober offering #2 I kinda got tired of painting him, so until I feel like coming back: here is the Primarch killer himself, Anarchis Scoria!


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