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The Evolution and Life Cycle of Fighting Games

This is part 2 of my look at fighting games and the culture surrounding them. Part one can be found here. This primarily focuses on Street Fighter since it is the most widely known and is timely with the announcement of Ultra Street Fighter...


Gaming with VagrantHige

I've been planning on getting a c-blog going for a while now and have been debating about what kind of topic to go with. Thankfully, this months Bloggers Wanted seemed to be the perfect segue to branch a specific topic as well as an introdu...


About VagrantHigeone of us since 7:37 AM on 10.03.2012

I've been playing games my entire life going back to the Atari 2600 and have followed the industry news closely since the N64-PS1 era. I play a bit of everything so no topic is out of bounds game wise as far as I'm concerned.

For anyone wondering about the name VagrantHige, well, the avatar should make it clear where the Vagrant part comes from (Vagrant Story for those unfamiliar) and the Hige part is from one of my favorite characters in Wolf's Rain - Hige.

Go out, live life, play games.