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So a lot of us here still think prioritizing accessibility in games for people other than ourselves will somehow take things away from us huh...


Well I did the new Nier raid, my first time doing day one content... holy shit, what a finale, also, wow fun as hell


GameStop is a joke business. "*Hopefully* we'll have the rest of your Monster Hunter amiibo in by the end of this week." Why of all stores does anyone make items exclusive to this shit hole? I just want my cool layered armor...


Doing a report on Accessibility in the Games industry, and ended up stumbling back into those old Sekiro debates. Genuinely nothing about the gaming community makes me seethe more than those arguing against accessibility so they can feel special.


Wrapped up the 5.3 storyline in FF XIV last night. I'm almost there...man I love this game. Honestly aside from a few plot threads Shadowbringers could have been the end, so I'm interested in seeing where we go now.


Honestly, I've been happy for every addition to Smash Ultimate and been pumped for almost every one of them... but Pyra/Mythra were the ones at the top of my wishlist. I'm so genuinely happy. Hate to see so much salt, but it can't dampen my excitement. :)


Forward and back and then go forward and back And then go forward and back, then put one foot forward Forward and back and then go forward and back And then go forward and back, then put one foot forward


Nia Figure!! Also an Ike figure and plenty other's announced via GoodSmile!


Well, finally done with Stormblood. Liked it quite a bit, but itching to get to Shadowbringers.


Now this is a P5 collab! EDIT: Okay absolutely no clue how that happened.


And to think this was WITH the crippling FF XIV addiction setting in.


Okay, Deep Stone Crypt is hands down the best D2 raid. Encounters are cool as hell and the set pieces are incredible. Great stuff.


Alright, platinum coin desperation time. Need to add friends in Super Mario Run, any help would be appreciated.


I know this is just hopeless ramblings... but what if Travis being a Mii costume is an elaborate ploy, and he is announced mocking his own supposed deconfirmation? That kinda feels like a Suda thing to do.


Seen some murmurings of MH Rise potentially being the accompanying software to the Switch Revision? That'd be pretty cool.


Played the intro level of The Avengers Beta. Uninstalled it immediately. Performance issues aside on my PC build, I felt nothing playing it. The most my eyes lit up were during cutscenes/QTEs. I lost all will to keep playing in the first mission.


Between playing Co-op and Solo, I'm very surpirsed I haven't heard more about Remnant around. It's definitely an AA title in many ways, but I'm really digging the challenge and progression in it. Game's pretty fun! Probably my favorite new EGS pickup.


Love that my reality has flipped so real people are who I go to be excited about games and Gaming Websites are where I go to encounter the same dismissiveness that I encountered when I was a kid. Fun!!


They need to show SMTV tomorrow or cancel it. One or the other. I refuse to keep pretending it's real otherwise.


Just played a few rounds of HyperScape. Was pretty fast paced and fun! The weapon/skill upgrade system is pretty cool and the verticality focus is awesome. Even my friend who normally disliked BRs had a blast.


Happy to see Smash bringing about more art from my favorite ARMS character! Really pleased with the pick personally, and I'm super excited to play her.


For me excitement level wise, Spider-Man 2 is at A+, Demon Souls, Kena, Horizon 2 and Sackboy 3D World are at A, Ratchet and Clank and Solar Ash are say at A-, RE8 is maybe a B right now, and of course Bugsnax is S++. Hoping for a less ugly model though..


Happy 10th Anniversary to one of my favorite franchises!


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