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The Great Escape: The Real Working World

The Real World. What is it exactly? Is it the place outside of video games where we live and breathe? Or is it, as people talking to recent college grads are fond of saying, the world outside of college � the world of work, mortgages, he...


"Deadfall" by Shaun Jeffrey 3/25 (NVGR)

Hey there Dtoiders apart from being an avid gamer I�m also a university student just about to finish his undergraduate degree in May. Thankfully last summer I had an internship at a publishing company that is turning into a full-time job o...


Falling In With Fallout 3

One of my first ever articles on Destructoid was about how I found Fallout 3 impossible to get into even after multiple attempts and restarts. It an era rife with frustration and sadness. I can�t bear to speak of it much more. Fast forwa...


My Expertise: "I Win"

I�m going to be brutally honest for a moment here. Are you ready Dtoid? Here goes. I�m pretty terrible at competitive games. Yes I�ll win in contests of skill against most non-gamers but since I rarely play videogames with people unaccu...

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L.A.I.R. - Lame Aerial Interactive Ruckus

Yes I know this is years late, but bear with me. Follow me on a young man's quest for greatness and videogame satisfaction. Weep as his hopes and dreams are dashed on the cruel, jagged rocks of reality. Ready? Let's go! Lair. This sin...


I suck at RTS: A C&C fan's perspective

So I don't want to steal Anthony's genre to suck at, but let's face it -- I suck at RTS games. And to over use a word, this sucks, because I like RTS games! Sucks. It all started when I went over to a friend's house in elementary school....


Which to get?

So I'm not really in to 2D fighters but BlazBlue and KoF XII have been getting good reviews and lots of hype. Both of them sound interesting and I'm actually considering maybe getting one of them. The question is, which one? They're bot...


Killzone 2 Update

So I fired up Killzone 2 the other day and downloaded the latest update. I know people have probably already been talking about it -- about the way the games list screen has changed. You can now see the maps a game is playing along with o...


Sick of Arcanum already

So I tried to play Arcanum years ago and I stopped after getting to Tarant just because the town is so big and I got overwhelmed with the number of quests I could undertake. (I was born after the golden age of RPG's so my experience playin...


Check out my sci-fi book reviews blog (NVGR)

Hey Destructoiders check out my blog. I'm going to be posting reviews of all the sci-fi/fantasy books I've read/am reading. Or if you are the type who doesn't like books, just click the link so it counts as my site getting visitors. I ge...


On Br�tal Legend

Side note before I begin: The dots (when used sparingly) are awesome, and yes I do know that they're really called umlauts. Now onto the real topic -- Brutal Legend (I don't want to copy and paste that u every time I spell the word brutal...


Thoughts about morality in inFamous

So there's been a lot of talk swirling around inFamous and morality in video games. I watched Rev's Rant on the subject and it made me have some thoughts of my own. I bought inFamous the day it came out and have been playing it almost non...


Beyond Good & Evil: Final Thoughts

So I just finished Beyond Good & Evil. I bought it when it first came out on the PS2 years ago. I played until I got to a point in the Factory level where I got stuck for some reason. Apparently I thought the game was hard or something. ...


A "falling out" of sorts

I have a confession to make... I didn't like Fallout 3. There I said it! Let the heavens open up and strike me down for my blasphemy! I want to try and explain my reasons and I know that I might take a ton a flak for this but here goe...


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Hey Dtoid, I'm TriplZer0.

I'm a science fiction, fantasy, and speculative fiction writer by trade, but aside from writing, video games are my biggest passion. I also write over at Gamer Limit.

The first console my brothers and I ever got was an SNES for Christmas one year. Since then, we've owned an N64, Playstation, PS2, and an Xbox 360. I got a Gameboy Color one year for Christmas, but my brothers are more into handheld gaming than me. Every time they upgrade to the latest system I get their hand-me-downs. That's how I obtained my GBA and my two DS's. Handheld gaming for some reason doesn't interest me even though I know there are great games out there. The first console I've ever been the exclusive owner of is my PS3. The first games I ever played were Super Mario World, F-Zero, 7th Saga (which I've written about), and Out of This World.

My favorite genres are RPGs (Western or Japanese), FPS, action/adventure, and RTS (even though I suck at them).

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