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The Best Scarves in Gaming

Let�s face it: scarves make anything cool. Case in point, Fred from Scooby Doo. Do you think he became the leader of the gang because of his brains? Hell no. It�s because of that devilishly stylish scarf he wears. This doesn�t just apply ...


Help me prepare for GDC 2013

I�m going to GDC this month, and to be honest, I�m really nervous. It�s my first GDC. Hell, it�s my first big convention. I mean, I�ve wandered around Comic Con down in San Diego a couple of times, but that was always just for fun, and I ...

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Love the One You Can�t Be With

or Three Valentine's Day Videogame Crushes With Valentine�s Day�the contrived greeting card holiday day of love and romance�upon us, I figured now would be the perfect time for us gamers to reflect on those characters we desperately want...


Still Playing: Dragon Age II

I recently finished my fourth playthrough of Dragon Age II (I previously wrote about my time collecting the game�s trophies), but only on my second of Dragon Age: Origins. Why is that? According to public opinion among gamers (and the gam...

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Playing the Waiting (Video)game

Some games you win by having great reflexes. Other games you win by remembering sequences of intricate button presses. And others you win just by dumb luck. But then there�s another type of game�the game you win by out-waiting it. But wh...


10 Things about the Handsome TriplZer0

Alright let�s jump on this bandwagon, full on�and hard. Bbain wrote a super-awesome blog, and it inspired me (and everybody else it seems) to write one for myself. I haven�t been able to meet any Dtoiders other than Cadtalfryn in real life,...


How GameStop Can Beat Online Passes

I had an idea the other day about how GameStop could beat publishers at their own game. This isn�t fully fleshed out or anything, and who knows, it might be feasible at all. Well, here goes. Here�s how GameStop can beat online passes: they ...


Dread Space: Survival Horror Games aren't Horror

Games like Resident Evil and Dead Space aren�t horror. Now that I�ve got your attention, let me clarify that statement. Sure those games are classified as �survival horror� games, but they don�t represent horror to me, and it has nothing to...


Xenophilia: More Dragons than Skyrim

So there�s this little game that came out a few a weeks ago. You might�ve heard of it. It�s called Skyrim and Dtoid�s own Jim Sterling thought it was pretty good. I mean you can fight dragons in it. Awesome, right? Well what if I told you a...


First Times: Rayman Origins Demo Impressions

Confession time: I�ve never played a Rayman game. In fact I only vaguely associate Rayman with his own series. The first things that come to mind are those Rabbit-thing mini-game collections on the Wii. But I�ve heard a lot of good things a...


The Best Moustaches In Gaming

Last time I wrote an article like this it was full of well-deserved vitriol and hate toward some of gaming�s worst feathered fiends. Well to prove I�m not just a Negative Nancy, this article will celebrate one of humanity�s greatest achiev...


Motion Controls: Nostalgia Killers

Dtoid, have I told you how much I love the Donkey Kong series? Well let�s just say I�m bananas over the franchise. Okay, that was awful. I promise there will be no more monkey-based puns in this blog. Back to the matter at hand, I love Do...


The Worst Birds in Gaming

I�m playing through Prince of Persia: Sands of Time for the first time, and I�m at a really annoying part. I have to cross some balance beams while those goddamn birds keep attacking me. You know what replaying this section three times alre...


Freedom: Freedom To or Freedom From?

I�ve seen a lot of blogs lately talking about open-world games and how they give players freedom to do an almost dizzying amount of stuff. These great blogs have addressed only one side of freedom, but what about the other side? What about ...


How Pokemon is Broken

How Pokemon is Broken I borrowed Pokemon HeartGold from my brother to see if I could relive those carefree days I spent in Johto as a child. Sadly, those days are gone forever. My 60+ hours spent with HeartGold taught me one thing: Pokemon...


Under the Radar: Darkwatch

On this week�s edition of Under the Radar I want to once again venture back in time to 2005. However we�re moving away from the action RPG genre and into the Wild Wild West of FPS games. Combining the Wild West, vampires before they were ...


Under The Radar: Jade Empire

This is the start of a new series I'm experimenting with. I can�t promise that it�ll be a weekly, biweekly, or even a monthly series; it all depends on when I can get games for it and when I finish them. Tons of new games come out every ...


Shameless Self-Promotion Alert! "The Kult"

Hey fellow Dtoiders. Yes, this post will be shameless. Yes, it will be full of self-promotion. But it also should be really really really cool. (Or maybe just one really). One of the screenplays I co-authored, "The Kult," is being produced...


Teh Bias: Why My 360 Is Gathering Dust

My Xbox 360 is a secondary console at best. I don�t deny that my primary console is my PS3 followed by the PS2 backwards capabilities on my PS3. Then comes a whole host of retro consoles: GBA, SNES, PS1 etc. In fact my Xbox hasn�t been turn...


TriplZer0's Personal July Recap

TriplZer0�s Personal July Recap Welcome one, welcome all to my personal recap for the month of July! This is where I�ll talk about games played during the month, thoughts about said games, and any other useless information I think you guys ...


The Gaming Gods and the Universe Hate Me

Destructoid Community, I�m pissed. Sit with me for a moment and let me tell you why. This game. I�m not pissed because of this review. I�m not pissed because of the new battle system and the ridiculously named Paradigm Shifts. I�m not pi...


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Hey Dtoid, I'm TriplZer0.

I'm a science fiction, fantasy, and speculative fiction writer by trade, but aside from writing, video games are my biggest passion. I also write over at Gamer Limit.

The first console my brothers and I ever got was an SNES for Christmas one year. Since then, we've owned an N64, Playstation, PS2, and an Xbox 360. I got a Gameboy Color one year for Christmas, but my brothers are more into handheld gaming than me. Every time they upgrade to the latest system I get their hand-me-downs. That's how I obtained my GBA and my two DS's. Handheld gaming for some reason doesn't interest me even though I know there are great games out there. The first console I've ever been the exclusive owner of is my PS3. The first games I ever played were Super Mario World, F-Zero, 7th Saga (which I've written about), and Out of This World.

My favorite genres are RPGs (Western or Japanese), FPS, action/adventure, and RTS (even though I suck at them).

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