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No caption needed.


Spotted in Miami.


Anyone want to buy an island with me?


Did you know Ladybugs come in many different colors: pink, yellow, white, orange, black and red.


Ghost of Tsushima is gorgeous glad Im giving it another chance.


What is your take on Live A Live? Shout out to all the dads and moms trying their best.


Tmnt is great, I think playing with some pals is when it really shines. Music is perfect for the game.


Interceptor on Netflix has got that cheesy 80/ 90s action, b movie vibe with a never say die female lead reminiscent to Cynthia Rockrock. Recommend if you like that kind of thing. But you don’t have to take my word for it.


The nintendo website seems to be letting xeno special edition orders going through. Good luck!


Meanwhile back at Nintendo.


Take care of yourselves.


Lego Optimus Prime. So tempted


Sorry for the double, if you are looking to upgrade your internal storage. This coming memorial is probably a good time to look. Samsung has there ps5 ssd’s for a decent price. Sure there are other places.


Watched the new Doctor Strange movie. I enjoyed it for the most part, but about half way through I was thinking this all sounds familiar. Sure enough credits confirm, Elfman. Ugh. What are composers you like or dislike. From what works?


Something to jam to.


150 hrs into Eldin Ring. Been taking my sweet time and enjoying the atmosphere, exploring and lore. Take time for the little things


Hail Wednesday.


Are any of you not getting notifications from disqus. I have been missing likes and comments.


Happy Birthday tater!


Darth Maul, Eldin Ring. May the fourth.


Everything Everywhere All at Once is good.


Minor spoilers about eldin ring. Some random pics in comments.


Tmnt shredders revenge has game play footage, and og cast voice actors. Hopefully will be out this summer.


Pre orders are up for this collection


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