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Happy early Thanksgiving


Caved and watching the World Cup, anyone else watching. Am I the only one who thinks Raheem Sterling is over rated.


Happy Friday


Mmmm fudge stripes.


This game is looking promising, gives off Zelda minish cap vibes. Looks gorgeous and also trolls and Nordic folklore.


Have not seen in the front page, Callisto Protocol has a six part prequel podcast. Will post a link in comments.


Had the pleasure to work with this band years ago. Often think about there performance and this song in particular. Haunting, beautiful bluegrass music.


Harvestella is out today with demo.


Happy Birthday Chris, wishing you a rad day.


I regularly clean my ps5 I noticed some gross dust building up in the fan so I took it out to clean. Was very easy. I also changed out the joycon’s plastic buckle lock for metal ones. I live in a dry climate which is probably why the fan is …..


Hot take: hot pockets suck and so does tinos Inglorious Bastards. Reexplaining plot points, and pretentious scenes mixed in with his usual style, modern music took me out. Have tried multiple times never got into it.


Great news for steam deck owners! Deck now has a parts inventory. Link in comments.


Happy Halloween!


Not a sweater but here is the clan.


Here is a great performance of Caught choreographed by David Parsons. Warning to people sensitive to flashing lights. I find it moving, mysterious and beautiful. Like capturing a moment in a picture. Link in comments.


Digital foundry reviews. If you zoom 4000x in this building you can see the image is not textured and the frame rate analysis shows frames dropping by 1% which is noticeable to enhanced eyes. The game is a blast, however we do not recommend.


Halloween costume found!!


First ep to guillermo del toro's cabinet of curiosities, was satisfying and fun. Like a darker twilight zone or tales from the crypt.


Hard to say no, Signalis sounds rad af.


Has a old school sci fi pulp vibe. Looks interesting.


Have my hopes for silent hill


Here is some funk for your Tues. Watch for the kick ass trombone solo, stay for an amazing band and vocalist.


Blackbeans with chipotle tomato sauce, masa gnocchi, spinach. Delicious


Kinda like today.


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