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I remember that 009 Sound System was almost everywhere in the early YouTube days, from COD 4 MP to owned/epic fail compilations. There was a kind of a charm having a professionally produced song matched with your 240p San Andreas cheats tutorial.


Haven't popped in here for a bit, sorry about that. Dealing with a lot of stress as of late and life being life. How's everyone else doing?


To love™ and protect™ people am I right?


90 hours and 138 levels in total and I finally, finally, beat Elden Ring. Now it's time to cook some chicken schnitzel with mushroom sauce.


Friend of mine got himself the Legacy of Kain games for PC, to rekindle some nostalgia, sans SR 1 since it's not available. Also we're throwing jabs at Square Enix for cancelling Dead Sun. FOR SOME REASON.


What's more awesome than two dude bros reviewing a Zelda CDI version of Spiderman? No really, these guys make awesome stuff and you should give it a watch. Fun fact, my first ever Spiderman game was Spiderman 2 The Videogame...on PC. Yeah. Yeah...


Good evening boys and girls. Remember to brush your teeth and take your vitamins, otherwise you'll end up like me.


It was mentioned here yesterday. So apparently some developers are not happy with Elden Ring's design. I agree that Elden Ring has room for improvement (my personal opinion) but the takes are less on the constructive side and more on throwing shade side.


Current Elden Ring stats. Just going with my gut for my first run. Though there's probably a dozen or so different build guides out there, I recommend going with what feels right for you and gives you fun. And the most LARP potential.


Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and tarnished.


Not feeling so good, so I made myself some green matcha tea with stevia and listening to a review of the yu gi oh 4kids anime. I have a sudden desire for vintage mugs and skinny jeans.


Elden Ring feels like a massive improvement on the Souls recipe and it can be incredibly fun...but there's some things about it that really, really irk. Sorry fam, I enjoy it but I don't believe it deserves the GOTY status so many people raved about.


For the next seven days, all profits for This War Of Mine will be donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross to directly support victims of the ongoing conflict. Please check it out or consider alternative means to support.


And the new blog is up. Let's hope the grammar gods were kind to me this time.


RUINER Review – Trouble In HEAVEN

Until Elden Ring comes out, which is slowly but surely turning into my white whale as of this week, I decided to boot up RUINER for some quick entertainment and have something to write about. And no before you ask this is NOT cyberpun...


Finished my draft for Ruiner. I'll edit it tomorrow and probably post it. Let us hope I slow down, pay attention and avoid having potato grammar.


Ruiner has an awesome soundtrack. Prove me wrong.


I did it. I joined the club™ and I'm ready to die™. Joking aside, I am looking forward to it. If I ever do talk about the game I want to make it clear now, I've got a love-hate relationship with From Software.


Still here, still being immortal. Also happy valentines day everyone!


looking back at my previous stuff and seeing the blatant grammatical errors makes me want to eat KFC.


I did say Torment is next but...Death Trash was in the works before I got the urge to play Torment.


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