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Had a freaking awesome night out the other day. I LOVE dance and house music so much. Feeling the beat in your soul, dancing, human contact...its divine. Hope yall had a good one. Be safe and stay dangerous love jenni ❤❤


Concert report. Kaytranada was ok. Sango was awesome af. The opener well i could have done better. The girls were pretty! My homie definitely killed the vibe a bit though and yours truly is now 34. Happy new year xoxo jenni


Gonna pop out and see kaytranada friday. I hope u all have a good new year. Didnt get my surgery cause my diabetes...2022 needs to be a year of change lol. Love u guys. Ill be back with a concert report ❤


Merry late December my destructoid loves. I hope you spend it how you wanna and with those u love. Be good to eachother, be safe and stay dangerous ❤❤


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