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This is why i don't trade in games.

Look, living in the South Pacific i already pay far out the ass for videogames. This has already been established. See Resonance's blog for details But there are ways to save some money like buying and trading second hand games. Yeah, not...


Vidcon comic (from SA)

This is a blatant plug for the latest Comedy Goldmine at SomethingAwful. Give the rest a read, it grows on you: http://www.somethingawful.com/d/comedy-goldmine/castle-vidcons-game.php?page=1


State of gaming (abridged)... plus pics

Wait, his level!? It's under 1000!!?!?!?!!11 Woohoo, my one goal in life was to get my destructoid rank past 1000.. and i did it.. i can't believe it oh my god. Anyway... I was planning to write a post entitled 'the state of gaming in N...


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Dear God, i've wasted my life.

also, video games.

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Some Destructoid Mosaics i made using avatars and wallpapers. I <3 U Dtoid
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