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Got a bit of spare change, and want to make someone's day? I have something to propose in the comments


Streamin' some Pizza Tower over on YouTube! Link in the thread


Last Pizza Tower quickpost for a good while but I'm still loving the game, there's a golf level and it's just everything I want out of a platformer!! Also this track is an absolute banger, makes these escapes a blast


I've successfully unshackled the camera from the player during cutscenes. So much freedom! Now I just need to learn how to make cinematic pans while doing, uh, everything else


Oh no, I'm getting addicted to Pizza Tower


I ended up getting Pizza Tower, and it's reaaaaal good. It's basically a more intense than Wario Land 4, faster, and with escape sequences that are even more terrifying,


I don't see a world where Game Freak makes one of these time-limited Tera Raid Pokémon *not* breedable, but I would love to see a streak of PSAs on the FP being broken by a single PSA: You cannot breed Tornadus in Pokémon Scarlet/Violet. Or something.


If someone here grabs Pizza Tower you have to let me know how you find it, I'm torn between getting it or Hi-Fi Rush as my next game


Been having fun coming up with attack patterns lately! Gif in the comments, it's too chonky for qtoid. Edit: Bump + IMPORTANT UPDATE


I got a pretty nasty flu, so that sucks. On the plus side, I've made some decent progress on Mirama! The character switch works now, and though there's still dialogue missing, I was even able to do a first full chapter playthrough today. Final bump!


Important update: I've finished the Boku no Natsuyasumi video. What a ride. And now I desperately want to play one of the games in this series.


Saria suggested I watch a review by this Action Button fella, so I'm giving it a spin over the next, uh... 6 hours??? Holy moly we're getting to a point where youtube videos are getting longer than the content they're based on


This is a tough case, even for Junpei Iori, Ace Detective


As your local NieR Automata and Celeste fan, I am pleased to announce that I've been playing a new indie game that's Celeste *and* NieR Automata! It's fun, just keep your expectations in check haha


If you haven't been reading Chainsaw man part 2 you're missing out, it's just as good as the original (imo) and Asa might be an even better main character than Denji was!


I'm back from my holiday trip!! Did you miss me?


Starting the year with finally having a chapter 1 for Mirama that's *technically* playable from end to end. I put some red crosses here over rooms that are placeholder/I want to change the layout of, but that's still a milestone I'm happy to hit! ^^ Bump!


On the last day of the year, zep dropped an experimental web version of the upcoming fantasy console Picotron! I can already tell I'm going to have a lot fun playing around with this. Just needs a sprite editor and I'm ready to go! ^^


streamin' some guilty gear strive on twitch with torch/frosty! (pro gameplay inside)


Did you all treat yourselves to something nice for Christmas? I got myself a Dualsense for PC gaming, this thing got some nice heft to it! (plus I was tired of the dualshocks I was using being micro usb)


Watched Glass Onion with the little brother yesterday and had a wonderful time! It's not quite the same kind of movie as the first, but super entertaining in its own right. More thoughts in the comments.


I didn't play enough new games this year to make a noteworthy top 5 blog, mostly due to a lack of time on my end. But I'll still rank what I *did* get the time to play in the comments, for people interested! Bump!


Drew a lil holiday Devola for a Christmas card today, pretty happy with how it came together!


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