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I'm struggling to get into Nioh. Does it get better after Chapter 3?


Just finished Horizon: Zero Dawn. Mainlined the main quest for the most part, but that's a great game. All the side quest stuff feels like it integrates pretty organically with what you're doing. Contender for my GOTY with stiff competition. Now, Yakuza!


Nier Automata is the closest thing gaming has to a Russian doll. Completed playthrough 2 to get preview of playthrough 3. It includes it's own sequel? Fix.


Logged in for first time in a year and a half. What did I miss?


Dealing with Gaming Malaise

There is an odd phenomenon that comes over me at least once a year. Seemingly without warning, a wave of fatigue and indifference sweeps into my head. Within other leisurely pursuits, this is not uncommon. Writers will report having massive...


Souless: The Curse of Modern Racing Games

People often like to talk about the game that got them into gaming. Whilst I had consoles from a very early age, the game that got me hooked came when I was eight years old. With my freshly unwrapped Sega Saturn, I immediately fell in love...


Jebussaves88 Vs Bad Men and 100 games!

Well, after something of a hiatus, I�m back. I have recently upgraded my career to that of a Registration Officer (a person who helps book civil marriages and checks you�re not dodgy), and am very happy in my new position. I no longer work ...


A blog in the making since January 2010!

AKA A Backlog Diary: Part 33 It�s been a busy couple of weeks since my last update to you fine chaps and chapettes. On the last Backlog Diary update, I mentioned how I�d finally got past a rather tricky boss fight on Chapter 12 (of 13) on...


Why am I here?

AKA A Backlog Diary: Part 32 It is a question I ask myself quite a lot. Whether it be slogging away at two jobs I don�t even like, or hanging out with friends I don�t find interesting or even very agreeable in any respect, or perhaps whils...


Hype: My envy of a fifteen year old me.

It�s been a long time since I have been truly hyped for anything game related. I�ve enjoyed a lot of games lately, but none have had me counting down the days on a calendar to a much anticipated release date. Sure, there are a tonne of game...


About The Villainthropistone of us since 10:07 AM on 08.05.2008

A gamer since the age of 4. I like pretty much all genres, and now that I can afford them, all systems. I'm looking for a new co-op game which won't suck me in for a year and a half. Please give AMD Eyefinity compatible gaming PC's generously (never mind, got one).

I would now consider myself a PC gamer primarily, but have grown up with consoles all my life. Whilst a bit of depth and plot are much appreciated, I tend to gravitate towards online FPS's and racing games.

I've been on a bit of a hiatus from posting here at the Dtoid C-Blogs, mainly due to my voluntary position at PureSophistry.com. Click the link to see my stuff.

Origin: jebussaves88

Oh yeah, and I have a twitter now. @jebussaves88
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